Tarleton Cricket Club



Joined Competition:  2016
President  Mike Webster
Website:  http://tarleton.play-cricket.com
Play-Cricket Site:  http://tarleton.play-cricket.com


Chairman Gerald Gallimore
Secretary James Webster 
  51 Barnfield, Much Hoole, Preston, PR4 4GE 
  Mob: 07985-368569; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Treasurer John Eminson
  2 Windgate Fold, Tarleton, PR4 6NF 
League Reps Mike Webster, Paul Higham 
Club Welfare Officer Christine McDermott, Paul Higham 
Junior Representative  




Trophy Name Awarded For Won in
Palace Shield Premier Division (A) Winner   
Palace Cup Premier Division (A) Runner Up  
Fylde Cup Division One (B) Winner  
Deveney Cup Division One (B) Runner Up  
Barcroft Cup Division Two (C) Winner  
William Sharples Cup Division Two (C) Runner Up  
Shaw Cup Division Three (D) Winner  
Langton Birley Cup Division Three (D) Runner Up  
Charles W Walsh Trophy Division Four (E) Winner  
Tom Croft Trophy Division Four (E) Runner Up  
Michael Dunn Trophy Division Five Winner  
Bernard Vanner Trophy Division Five Runner Up  
Carr Trophy Division Six Winner  
  Division Six Runner Up  
Moore & Smalley Trophy Sunday Division (F) Winnersun  
Taylor Trophy Sunday Division (F) Runner Upsun  
Meyler Cup Winner of Meyler Cup KO  
Steven Kennedy Cup Runner Up in Meyler Cup KO  
Loxham Cup Winner of Loxham Cup KO  
British Aerospace Cup Runner Up in Loxham KO  
Crabtree Cup Winner of Crabtree Cup  
John Richardson Cup Runner Up in Crabtree Cup KO  
Twenty20 Cup Winner of Twenty20 Cup  
T20 Runners Up Runners Up in T20 Cup  
Brian Gill Trophy Under 10s Winner  
John Sharp Trophy Under 10s Runners Up  
Tony Poxon Trophy Under 11s Winner  
Highfield Trophy Under 11s Runners Up  
Dutton Forshaw Trophy Under 13s Winner  
Fred H. Alty Trophy Under 13s Runner Up  
Tom Howarth Trophy Under 13 Plate Winner  
Colin Dawber Trophy Under 13 Plate Runner Up  
Tom Jenkins Trophy Under 15s Winner  
Jim Gledhill Trophy Under 15s Runner Up  
Frank Henry Trophy Under 15 Plate Winner  
Trevor Wilde Trophy Under 15 Plate Runner Up  
Rose Trophy Under 17s Winner  
Courtaulds Trophy Under 17 Runners Up  
Bob Millward Trophy Fair Play Winners  

Key to notes
sun - The Sunday Competition has had various formats. 1996-2005 - Divison F, 2006-2007 - Two Sections, 2008 Decided by Playoff, 2009- Two Divisions
jw - Joint Winner


Tarleton Cricket Club

Carr Lane

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