Ensure your club is secure this winter


As the cricket season is almost over many clubs will be planning end of season renovations. With reduced play and activity over the winter months, clubs will experience lower usage and be unattended for longer periods of time. Clubs are reminded to ask themselves, is your club as secure as it can be during this time?

To help clubs to address security issues the ECB has produced a 'Cricket Ground Security, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention' booklet and available to download below. This offers a range of measures to help reduce the effect of this kind of activity and therefore save club volunteers time, inconvenience and money and add to improved satisfaction within clubs. It covers security aspects in and around the club house including cash and stock, and the groundsman's shed and equipment.

 ECB's guidance and ensure your club is secure for winter

ECB Club Security Booklet


Clubs can download the security self-assessment document (below) to help identify possible threats and will assist clubs in identifying any weaknesses in their current security set up. 

 Cricket & Golf Club Security Self Assessment

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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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The ECB have set up a resource base to support clubs as they look to develop a gateway to the self-help support resources available to help cricket clubs meet the ever changing demands and challenges they face.


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