2017 AGM Summary


On Monday 11th December, the 2017 Moore & Smalley Palace Shield Cricket Competition's Annual General Meeting took place at BAC/ee Preston.

Here is a brief summary of what happened.



Lytham were elected to the competition, their intention is to play in the Twenty20 Competition.

Kendal, Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston and Netherfield were officially welcomed into the Senior Competition as the link between the Northern League and Palace Shield confirmed.



The treasurer produced a healthy balance sheet, and the meeting agreed to move the competition's surplus into the Development fund. The Treasurer noted that the development fund had a healthy balance and encouraged clubs to apply when completing projects.


Promotions & Relegations

The Saturday divisions for 2018 have been confirmed as per the following information post, with one ammendment. Croston II will take the place of Ingol II in Division Five. Click Here



The League Officers and Sub Committees were re-elected on mass. There is still a vacancy for Rules Secretary, and those interested should contact Dave Lever.


Rule Changes

The Majority of rule changes were administrative ones to facilitate the new structure.

The Big Rule Change Proposals were voted as follows.


Teas - Clubs voted 38-31 to not introduce a rule that would mean Home clubs would provide a free tea for away teams. Current rules will remain where away teams pay for teas as per the arrangement at each club.

Lower Divisions   - There were three proposals that came out of the Consultation survey regarding, Fewer Overs, Earlier Starts and Restrictions. All Three proposals failedto be passed when voted on.

Player Discipline - The experiment we operated last season regarding the reporting of Level 1 ECB Disciplinary offences on the "Yellow Form" was adopted as league rule. From next season any player reported twice in a 12 month period will receive an automatic one game suspension. This will be in addition to any team penalties applied under the new Law 42. The opportunity to submit a "formal disciplinary report" remains.

Penalty Runs - All instances of Penalty Runs will now apply in the Palace Shield.

New Balls - All Games with Panel Umpires (ie Premier, Div 1A & 1B) must start with a new ball.

Weather  - In a Game where the overs are reduced, the number of overs a bowler can bowl will be reduced pro-rata.

Duckworth lewis  - Duckworth Lewis will replace the current rain rule in Premier/Div 1A/Div 1B. This calculation will be done by the Play-Cricket App. Calculations will be the responsibility of the scorers although umpires will need to check these calculations.

Eligibility - The proposal regarding altering rule 17a failed. The current rule will remain (Ie 12 games, and 50% when higher team not playing).

Leg Side Wides - Leg Side Wides will now apply in Division Two in addition to the higher division.

Loans - Loans will be allowed to help struggling clubs fulfill fixtures. These requests will be managed by a Loans Sub Committee - Further Information rearding this will be available in the new year.




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Palace Shield Executive

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