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Transfers and New Registrations

When new Registrations and Transfers are processed by the Registration Secretary, we will aim to publicise those here

October 2016 - March 2017

Danny Gilbert - Garstang from Freckleton
Michael Wellings - Garstang from Barrow, Northern League
Matthew Goldsmith - Ingol from Garstang
Adam Parker - Vernon Carus from Fleetwood
Sarfaraz Patel - Walton-le-Dale from Great Eccleston
Zuber Patel - Walton-le-Dale from Great Eccleston
Sukbinder Mahay - Gregson Lane unattached
Roger Garlick - Blackpool from Norcross
Emily Garlick - Blackpool from Norcross
Lucy Garlick - Blackpool from Norcross
Brett Newcombe - Blackpool from Norcross
Kieran Newcombe - Blackpool from Norcross
Luke McQuade - Croston from Scarborough, Western Australia (overseas amateur)
Rob Dingle - Fulwood & Broughton from Thornton Cleveleys
Euan Graham - Walton-le-Dale from Leyland
Mark Campbell - Blackpool unattached
Samuel Burger - Gregson Lane unattached
Jordan McLaughlin - Wrea Green unattached
Joe McCluskie - Fleetwood from Rawtenstall, Lancashire League
Christodoulos Bogdanos - Fleetwood unattached (EU Citizen)
David Crawforth - Fleetwood from Thornton Cleveleys
Joe Bell - Fleetwood from Thornton Cleveleys
Alex Thompson - Mawdesley from Leyland
Hugo Sims - Blackpool from Fylde
Paul Hogarth - Standish from Fylde
Craig Crook - Longridge from BAC/EE Preston
Jonathan Millward - Longridge from Freckleton
Eddie Bailey - Great Eccleston from Fylde
Jamie Hogarth - Kirkham & Wesham from Freckleton
Sandeep Kumar Duggina - Ingol unattached (Overseas Amateur)
Richard Beesley - Kirkham & Wesham from Freckleton (now returned)
Ian Dickinson - Croston from Chorley
Mohsin Patel - Hoghton unattached
Londis Lewis - Walton-le-Dale unattached
Joe Smith - Ingol unattached
Richard Woolham - Ingol unattached
Shaun Cockell - Longridge from Pledwick CC, Pontefract & District League
John Malcolm Tweedy - BAC/EE Preston unattached
Benjamin Sharples - BAC/EE Preston unattached
Peter McCauley - Eccleston from Maroochydore, Queensland (Overseas Amateur)
Peter Cummings - Eccleston unattached (previously Chorley & Charnock Richard)
Dave Bath - Charnock St James unattached
Matthew Hedges - Wrea Green from Norcross
Christopher Hedges - Wrea Green from Norcross
Robert Wood - Charnock St James from Whittle-le-Woods
Bobby Gore - Standish from Wigan, Liverpool Competition
Ian Baldwin - Norcross from St Annes
Brian Lamb - Wrea Green unattached

April 2017

John Eminson - Tarleton unattached
Sam Dears - New Longton from Vernon Carus
Ellias Fairhurst - New Longton from Vernon Carus
Craig Outram - Fylde from Blackpool
Muhammad Imran-Sadiq - Great Eccleston unattached
Hamza Ahmed - Fulwood & Broughton from Preston, Northern League
Zain Arshad - South Shore unattached
Nizamudin Patel - Fulwood & Broughton from Whittingham & Goosnargh
David Smith - Charnock St James from White Coppice
Luke Clegg - New Longton from Penwortham
Coen Oosthuysen - Garstang from Henneman, South Africa (Overseas Amateur)
Michael Atkinson - Eccleston from Highfield CC, Liverpool Competition
Megan Blore - St Annes unattached
Michael Withers - Chorley unattached
Nirvesh Solanki - Hoghton from Preston, Northern League
Alan Frost - Mawdesley unattached
Rizwan Patel - Hoghton unattached
Michael Rigby - Great Eccleston from Freckleton
Curtis Fletcher - St Annes from Lytham
Zakaiyya Mulla - Hoghton unattached
Inam Ali - St Annes unattached
Sabbir Patel - Hoghton from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Waris Khan Ahmadzai - Garstang from Fulwood & Broughton
Ash Moreau - Blackpool from Freckleton
Nigel Gilham - Standish unattached
Phil Hassan - Standish unattached
Rizwan Khurram - Hoghton unattached
David Fortune - New Longton from Charnock St James
Ian McDonnell - New Longton from BAC/EE Preston
Mark Jeffries - New Longton from BAC/EE Preston
Amanulla Rahman - Garstang unattached
Naqib Rahman - Garstang from Fulwood & Broughton
Matthew Derham - St Annes unattached
Amjad Mehmood - South Shore unattached
Barry Leach - Vernon Carus unattached
George Blackwell - Wrea Green unattached
Ali Rehman - Vernon Carus unattached
Shahrukh Khan - Standish unattached
Zulqanain Khan - Standish unattached
Adam Lawrence - Gregson Lane from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire County League
Matthew Sedgman - Chorley from Heathmont, Victoria, Australia (Overseas Amateur)
Chris Cannon - Torrisholme unattached
Sarfaraz Patel - BAC/EE Preston unattached
Chris Davis - Grimsargh unattached
Emran Patel - Fulwood & Broughton from Great Eccleston
Matthew Brown - Norcross from Thornton Cleveleys
James Collinge - Torrisholme unattached
Brian Harris - Vernon Carus unattached
Andrew MacKay - White Coppice unattached
Safvan Yusuf - White Coppice unattached
Husain Akubat - White Coppice unattached
Suhayl Patel - White Coppice unattached
Mohammed Gajra - White Coppice unattached
Ayub Ahmed - White Coppice unattached
Ryan Maidwell - Longridge unattached
Meghan Montgomery - Kirkham & Wesham unattached
Kurt Hilton - Walton-le-Dale from Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods
Louis Smith - Chorley unattached
Matthew Grimes - Tarleton from Southport Trinity, Liverpool Competition
Peter Trevaski - Chorley unattached
James Fiddler - Freckleton from Vernon Carus
Akbar Mahmood - Hoghton unattached
Irfan Motola - Hoghton unattached
Raj Herath - Cherry Tree unattached
Sohel Master - Hoghton from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Philip Caunce - Mawdesley from Croston
Harvey Laycock - Charnock St James unattached
Connor Eastham - Charnock St James unattached
Gary Mason - Torrisholme unattached
Luke Watson - Withnell Fold unattached
Ciaran Medd - Fleetwood from Great Eccleston

Maqsood Burondkar - South Shore unattached
Michael Jones - New Longton unattached
Sarfaraj Bhuta - Grimsargh unattached
Sian Whiteley - Rufford unattached
James Chaplin - Leyland unattached
Lewis Howarth - Fleetwood from Great Eccleston
Charlie Muir - Tarleton unattached
Craig Shirtcliffe - Ingol from Grimsargh
Joe Walton - Ingol unattached
Chris Smith - Ingol unattached
Reece Clayton - Norcross unattached
Johnny Comber - Withnell Fold unattached
Luke Needham - Withnell Fold from Feniscowles, Ribblesdale League
Luke Charnley - Charnock St James from Eccleston
Emran Patel - returning to Great Eccleston from Fulwood & Broughton
Jack Woolridge - Cherry Tree unattached
Matt Whittle - Blackpool unattached
Simon Holt - Fleetwood from Norcross
Waqar Malik - Whittingham & Goosnargh unattached
Hamza Malik - Leyland unattached
Dev Sharma - Leyland from Preston
Vincent Charnock - White Coppice unattached
Doug Schofield - Torrisholme unattached
Emaran Bajwala - White Coppice unattached
Yamin Yakub - Whittingham & Goosnargh unattached
Jake Phillips - Walton-le-Dale unattached
Mike Roberts - Wyre from Fylde
Fin Pollard - Blackpool from Fylde
Thomas Hoyle - Leyland from Euxton
Chris Duffield - Wyre unattached
Dan Thompson - Wyre unattached
Ian Gordon - Norcross unattached
Oliver Brindle - Darwen unattached
Sam Aspin - Darwen unattached
Adam Parkinson - Torrisholme unattached
Rahul Kamal Raj - Longridge unattached
Mubarak Patel - White Coppice from Kirkham & Wesham
Alan Sutton - Rufford unattached
Rhys Morgan - Longridge unattached
James Critchley - Leyland from Chorley
Ellis Critchley - Leyland from Chorley
Helen Hiley - St Annes unattached
Stuart Fish - Penwortham unattached
Mara Lawrenson - Leyland unattached
Ella Lawrenson - Leyland unattached
Millie Procter - Leyland unattached
Thomas Hoyle - Leyland unattached

May 2017

Etan Hill - Fylde from Lytham
David Roberts - Charnock St James unattached
Mark Mitchell - Charnock St James unattached
Mohamed Vahaluwala - BAC/EE Preston unattached
Yamin Vahaluwala - BAC/EE Preston from Walton-le-Dale
Mudassar Iqbal Raja - Standish unattached
Marc Pixton - Wyre from Blackpool
Neil Bannister - Charnock St James unattached
Phil Jepson - Wrea Green unattached
Ureshbhai Patel - Hoghton from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Anthony Sweeney - Walton-le-Dale from White Coppice
Rana Javeed - Withnell Fold from White Coppice
Ben Grady - Standish unattached
Mark Hall - Ingol unattached
Mohmedrafik Patel - Fulwood & Broughton from Preston
Joe McMillan - Fylde from Thornton Cleveleys
Thomas Charnley - Eccleston from Charnock St James
Ian Pendlebury - Charnock St James from White Coppice
Kirsten Jayne Brooke - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Justin Johnson - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Stephen Straughan - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Jordan Shaw - Darwen unattached
Kye Bellusci - Darwen unattached
Jack Batty - Torrisholme unattached
Finlay Wade - Darwen unattached
Harry Hulme - Darwen unattached
Jack Braithwaite - Darwen unattached
Ethan Ball - Darwen unattached
Samuel Roberts - Fleetwood from Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire League
Daniel Candela - New Longton unattached
Daniel Rowe - St Annes from Lytham
Nicholas Jones - New Longton unattached
Ilyas Moosa - Whittingham & Goosnargh from Kirkham & Wesham
Robert Cogswell - Thornton Cleveleys from Bradford & Bingley, Craven & District League
Anis Vahaluwala - BAC/EE Preston from Walton-le-Dale
Glenn Steel - Grimsargh unattached
Shoaib Raza - South Shore unattached
Rick Marshall - Charnock St James from Ingol
Lee St Louis - Walton-le-Dale unattached
Regan Hough - Longridge unattached
Imranulhaq Patel - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Frank McMahon - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Raja Khan - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Abdulaziz Patel - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods from Withnell Fold
Arfan Ahmad - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
Ben Walker - New Longton unattached
Stuart Etherington - St Annes unattached
Ben Richards - Garstang unattached
George Bond - Tarleton from Rufford
Gerald Gallimore - Tarleton unattached
Tait Roberts-Hodgson - Kirkham from Fylde
Michael Andrews - Torrisholme unattached
Mark Johnson - Gregson Lane unattached
Daniel Monckton - Standish from Freckleton
Iain Burstow - Torrisholme from Lancaster, Northern League
Kevin McCann - Hoghton unattached
Daniel Fisher - Hoghton unattached
Ben Winder - Blackpool unattached
Steven Green - Croston from Eccleston
Jack Savage - Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods unattached
James Thomas - Walton-le-Dale from Hoghton
Tomas Miles - Chorley from Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods
Alfie Chard - Vernon Carus unattached
Ibrahim Kharodia - Vernon Carus unattached
Louie Abbott - Vernon Carus unattached

Cherry Tree

Oliver Abbott
Jack Ainsworth
Saj Akhtar
Morgan Almond
Cameron Austin
Haarith Bax
Danny Chester
James Cuff
Lee Cunningham
Paul Doherty
Thomas Duckworth
Seth Elliot
Harrison Elmy
Ian Elmy
Charlie Elwood
Owen Elwood
Stephen Elwood
Daniel Farnworth
Sam Farnworth
Daniel Fenwick
Jack Fenwick
Kelan Florentine
Mark Hadfield
Jamie Hartley
William Hayes
Adam Higginson
Ryan Hurley
Joseph Ince
Robert Ince
Nas Iqbal
Jake Jose
Andrew Kennedy
Craig Kennedy
Daniel Logan
Thomas McCann
Shazaib Naeem
Hussin Patel
Michael Rigby
Muhammad Zahir Shah
Paul Snape
Adnan Sohail
Harry Stevenson
Hugo Strand
Louis Strand
Logan Subramaniam
Michael Timmis
Jack Turner
Amaan Ughradar
Levi Walker
Sam Whitwell
Jake Willacy
Hamid Zeb


Samuel Anderton
Nick Ashcroft
Jack Ashurst
James Bazeley
Andy Clucas
Paul Clucas
Matthew Cowell
Steven Critchley
Daniel Duffield
Gary Edwards
Graham Fox
James Grady
Matthew Grady
Chris Gunn
Gary Hadfield
Mike Hadfield
Graeme Hardcastle
Daniel Harrison
Nathan Harrison
Rob Hart
Paul Hassan
Jack Heaton
Andy Hill
Graham Jones
Usman Khushnood
Stephen Knowles
Simon Maiden
Duncan McPhail
James Senior
Nick Smith
Ian Stewardson
Pankaj Tripathi
Peter Walder
Daniel Walsh
John Wellman
Harvey Whittington

ECB Club Support

The ECB have set up a resource base to support clubs as they look to develop a gateway to the self-help support resources available to help cricket clubs meet the ever changing demands and challenges they face.


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