Under 17s

 Under 17 Competition – The Rose Trophy

Junior players  (BOYS) who attain the age of 17 years before 1st September of the year preceding the year in progress, will not be able to play in any round of the competition. Girls a year older are permitted to play in the U17 Competition.

Team managers to exchange team sheets prior to the game. The team sheet to show each players full name as registered on the play cricket website. This will assist both scorers and the completion of the online scorecards. Must also include the umpires names for in putting onto the system. Any infringements must be reported by email to the executive. 
Penalties will be implemented (suspended for the two occasions) and on the third infringement 3 points will be deducted followed by a 2 point deduction for every further infringement.


U17 Matches to be played on the ECB approved pitch length of 22 yards.

The match ball to be used is a full size approved PINK Cricket Ball.

Teams shall all wear the same coloured clothing. Oppositions may wear the same colour as this does not impact the game.

League games shall consist of 20 x 6 ball overs per innings, with no bowler bowling more than 4 overs.

In a reduced overs game, the number of overs allowed per bowler shall be reduced pro rata (to the nearest whole number).

Clubs can use a Liverpool Competition, Northern League or Palace Shield stamped cricket ball in all 20 over matches, but the competition stamp must still be visible to allow the ball to be used.

The fielding side shall provide the ball, which shall be approved by the Captains and Umpires, in all matches.

Batsmen shall retire on reaching 50 runs and shall not be allowed to return.

Regulations regarding the safety of batsmen applies in all matches. All batsmen must wear a helmet whilst batting and when wicket-keeping standing upto the wicket.

Fielding Circles:

In the Under 15 and Under 17 Competition, a 30 Yard Fielding Circle must be used. At the point of delivery, 5 fielders (in addition to the Bowler and Wicket Keeper) must be inside the circle, else a No Ball is called.

In all games with fielding circles. Innings must be completed in 1 hour 30 minuites. If the innings has not been completed by this point, an extra fielder must be inside the circle for the remaining of the innings.


Competition Structure 

In all competition, the team scoring the most runs in the completed innings, or within the overs, shall be the winners.

Following the completion of the league fixtures, should two or more teams finish on equal points, positions will be decided by the side having the greater number of wins, being placed the higher.  

If this is the same, the team winning the head to head game will be placed the higher, if a tie or no result, teams will then be decided by average net run difference (U10s,U11s and U12s plate) and average runs per wicket (U12s main comp, U13s, U14s, U15s and U17s).

10 points will be awarded for a win,

6 points to each side with NO batting or bowling points being awarded in a tied game.

BOWLING points shall be available to the losing side.

One point upon taking 3 wickets,

a SECOND on taking 5 wickets

and a THIRD one for taking 7 or more wickets.

No bowling points will be awarded in a tied game.

Teams BATTING first or second and losing shall be awarded

ONE batting point upon reaching a run rate of 3 runs per over (eg  60 runs in a 20 over innings),

a SECOND upon reaching 4 runs per over

and a THIRD upon reaching 5 runs per over.

2 points to each side for any game not being played.

3 bowling bonus points are awarded in any forfeited match (10 points in total, max).

After the league games have been completed the top 2 teams in each of the 2 divisions will go forward to a 20/20 Finals Day where both Semi Finals and Final will be played on the same day.

The League will provide umpires for the Semi-Finals and the Final and will pay the fees for both umpires in Semi-Finals and the Final.

If scores are level at the end of either a Semi Final or Final, the winners will be decided by way of a super over

In Knockout/Finals, a Super Over will be used as per Rule 8 of the ECB Generic 20 Over playing Conditions - found here - https://resources.ecb.co.uk/ecb/document/2020/03/16/a674cded-13c4-40d1-8717-4a9af0c3d2f8/2020-Generic-20-Over-Playing-Conditions.pdf




The HOME TEAM is responsible for entering the result of the game on the website and must enter a full scorecard as well. Scorecards are required for ALL age groups. The result to be recorded by 10pm the day after the game was played. A full scorecard must be on the website within 72 hours of the game having been played; any home club that fails to do so to be fined £10 for each missing / late result or scorecard.

When unable to enter a player on a scorecard - Clubs should write players name into the Highlights Box, eg Team #4 - M MyersThis will allow the results team to quickly identify missing players and chase these up.

A further £5 per week fine will be incurred where reminders need to be sent.

Where there are unsures recorded this usually indicates that one or more players are unregistered. Where this happens the offending club will be fined NOT NECESSARILY THE CLUB ENTERING THE RESULT / SCORECARD.



Additional Specific Covid Guidance


  1. Players must maintain social distancing at all times. This is 2 metres except in the case of wicket keepers standing up to the stumps and the distance between slip fielders. when 1m+ Is permitted
  2. The ball must be returned direct to the bowler either on the full or rolled along the ground. It should not be passed around the field.
  3. The umpires will not collect the ball at the fall of a wicket or at any breaks; instead the ball will be returned to the base of the stumps.
  4. Only umpires should replace bails and remake the wicket including after any attempted stumpings or run outs.
  5. Bowlers when returning to their mark should maintain social distancing when passing the umpire.
  6. Bowlers should maintain social distancing when making any appeals.
  7. Umpires will not hold any players equipment this should be placed at least 1 metre beyond the boundary.



Any breach of the Covid guidelines during play will result in a first and final warning under Law 41. Any subsequent breach will result in the award of 5 penalty runs.

A player intentionally moving within 1 metre of anyone else for non-cricketing purposes will be treated as a Law 42 Level 3 offence (Removal from the field for 1/5th of the allocated overs at the start of the innings 40 overs game = 8 overs)

A player intentionally spitting or coughing at and within 2 metres of, another person will be treated as a Law 42 Level 4 offence (Offending player to be removed for the remainder of the game)





ECB Club Support

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