Twenty20 Rules


2024 COMPETITION - Updated Dec 2023

Playing Conditions

1. The 20/20 will be split into 2 competitions as Division 1 and Division 2.The format for qualifying to be determined by the Management Committee once all the entries for the season are known.

2. There will not be automatic promotion and relegation between the two divisions as Clubs can enter this competition up to the 31st March and decide which division they wish to enter sides for the new season

3. ECB T20 Playing Conditions shall apply (T20 link)

4. Start time is 6.15pm on midweek evenings (Tue/Wed/Thu), or at alternative dates/times by agreement.

5. For Division 1, clubs to nominate their ‘home’ night with matches to be played as scheduled with no re-arrangements. If there are ground availability issues then the fixture should be played at the away team's home venue. The Secretary and Fixtures Secretary must be informed in advance of any changes. Division 2 fixtures may be arranged more flexibly by the two clubs concerned.

6. Any player registered for the club, junior or senior, is eligible except professionals subject to the following

6a. When a club has multiple teams in this competition, A player may only play for one of these teams exclusively in one season. (The executive committee may give permission in exceptional circumstances)

6b. Anyone who has played 50% or more of league games in the Northern League cannot play in the T20 competition at any level

6c. Anyone who has played 50% or more of league games in the Palace Shield Premier Division cannot play in T20 Division 2

7. The batting team will provide the balls, which must be Pink and PS or NL stamped

8. Artificial pitches may be used.

9. 3 points awarded for a win, 2 points for a tie where scores are level (in pre knockout stage games,  section 7.1 of ECB T20 Playing Conditions shall not apply) and 1 point for an abandoned or uncompleted match. In the event of two or more teams in a division having the same number of points, the net run rate per wicket of each team and its opponents shall decide the issue.

10. If a club cannot fulfil a T20 fixture then the game shall be awarded to the opposition and a full 3 points awarded. No further penalty to be imposed. Provided at least 24 hours’ notice is given.

11. It is the home club’s responsibility to input the result and scorecard onto play cricket, in all matches.






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