Umpires & Scorers


  2004 John Smith
  2005 Ian Weafer
  2006 John Smith
  2007 John Smith
  2008 John Smith
  2009 John Smith
  2010 John Smith
  2011 John Geddes
  2012 John Smith
  2013 John Geddes 
  2014 Steve Beswick
  2015 Geoff Sheard
  2016 Steve Brown
  2017 Dave Jenkins
  2018 John Smith
  2019 Dean Oldfield
  2020 Not Awarded
  2021 Paul Ellis
  2022 Trevor Eccleston


JOHN SMITH AWARD (Panel Umpire Newcomer)
  2022 Peter McDermott


  2006 G. Lawton (Fylde)
  2007 C. Armstrong (Garstang)
  2008 M. Dalton (Chorley)
  2009 B. Hacking (Penwortham)
  2010 D .Walker (White Coppice)
  2011 T. Wilde (Thornton Cleveleys)
  2012 D. Jenkins (Kirkham & Wesham)
  2013 D. Jenkins (Kirkham & Wesham)
  2014 D. Jenkins (Kirkham & Wesham)
  2015 S. Hogg (Gt Eccleston)
  2016 H. Namajee (Walton-le-Dale)
  2017 S. Paterson (Gregson Lane)
  2018 T. Phillips (Penwortham)
  2019 C. Hayes (BAC/EE Preston)
  2020 Not Awarded
  2021 David Crabttree (Vernon Carus)
  2022 Simon Jowitt (Norcross)


    Senior Scorer Junior Scorer
  2005 Samantha Abbott (Hoghton) Marie-Anne Hessey (South Shore)
  2006 John Ball (Garstang) Sarah Mitchell (Fylde)
  2007 John Ball (Garstang) Bilal Padia (Gt Eccleston)
  2008 John Ball (Garstang) Sean Cosbie(Fylde)
  2009 Liz Gregory (Fylde) Beth Caunce (Croston)
  2010 Roy Jackson (White Coppice) Emily Ingham (Walton-le-Dale)
  2011 Andy Eckton (Blackpool) Jade Wilson (Freckleton)
  2012 Not Awarded Kirsty Dutton (Gregson Lane & Harry Bates (Vernon Carus)
  2013 Roy Jackson (White Coppice) Tom Rollinson (Thornton Cleveleys)
  2014 Roy Jackson (White Coppice) Tom Rollinson (Thornton Cleveleys)
  2015 Janet Mather (New Longton) Millie Hodge (Croston)
  2016 Liz Gregory (Fylde) Isabelle Taylor (Tarleton)
  2017 Martin Hewlett (New Longton) Isabelle Taylor (Tarleton)
  2018 Martin Hewlett (New Longton) Evan Martin (Thornton Cleveleys)
  2019 Not Awarded Not Awarded

Following the move to Online Scoring this award is no longer presented





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