Optimism in October


Update from Paul Tatton (Chairman of the LCB Groundsperson's Association) about October advice on cricket ground maintenance.

Our patience has been tested over this autumn renovation period due to a couple of damp months. As I write some clubs who have had late fixtures may well be still waiting for a window to top dress, but fortunately temperatures have kept reasonably high to let seed germinate. I suggest you keep an eye on accurate weather forecasting!

I anticipate a record leaf fall this autumn, so be vigilant on keeping gullies, ditches, gutters and drains free from leaves, so that drainage is working to its optimum.

There will be a LCB Groundsperson’s Association meeting in October / November to set out our winter programme, having not met during a congested playing season. My intentions are to run a pre-season training session at Westhoughton CC on pitch and square ‘setting up’ along with pitch preparation procedures and square maintenance at a basic level. This will take place in late March 2018, probably on a Tuesday if weather permits, with refreshments / lunch and a Q&A session to follow if requested.

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A reminder that there's some good online resources available on groundsmanship and I encourage you to have a look at them: Useful Groundsmanship Websites.

NOTE: If you need to speak to me from November onwards, please contact me on my mobile phone number 07977 318406 as my landline will be out of action from then.

Paul Tatton (LCBGA Chairman)

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