Introducing Pakistan, the Swift and Fearless ICC World Cup 2019 Contender


With how desperately we want to see the conclusion of ICC World Cup 2019, there are more than just a couple of loose ends yet to be determined. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be in the greatest shape right now. Back in 1992 when they managed to claim the big title, they were a force to be reckoned with. But fast forward to 2019, we have a different cast and a different mindset. Do the new faces have the experience needed to attain their former glory?

Consistency appears to be their missing element

Here what’s going to be at the forefront of ICC World Cup 2019: Pakistan must chase consistency to challenge. Only by doing so can they hope to achieve what they set out to do. But given that unpredictability is one of their most promising tricks up their sleeve, the story simply isn’t over until the final match. To get a better glimpse into the team’s inner workings and predict this year’s outcome, let’s examine how they performed in one of the recent events.

Pakistan at the World Cup 2015

Looking at the their performance in 2015, it’s hard to pick the right words. Most, however, would agree it was a bit underwhelming. Although they managed to win the lesser matches they played against UAE and Zimbabwe, they lost the crucial matches against West Indies and India. This is what ultimately sunk them in the end.

Will 2019 be the year for them to shine?

Comparing their current roster against the one from 4 years ago, the differences are obvious – and it’s in the right way for sure. Not only that; when these exact players enter the battlefield and act as a like-minded group on the path to victory, almost none can withstand the power they can generate. For an example of this, just look at the 2017 ICC Champions victory in England, and you’ll quickly see where things are going.

The team’s beginnings

When the team first entered the green battlefield as a whole, one team member was virtually a stranger to another. But once they got to know each other’s play-style more and more, what followed was nothing less than a cricket symphony.

The most crucial players

Mohammad Amir, without a doubt, will be a force to be reckoned with once more. Then, we have Wahab Riaz, a sensational performer in the last World Cup, and the hero who managed to pick up 16 wickets in as little as 7 matches. Next, don’t forget Imam-ul-Haq, the man with a powerful average of 57.79. Looking at his record of 568 runs from 12 matches, he is the highest scoring member of the team. Last but not least, there is Mr. Shaheen Afridi, the unknown contender who is full of surprises. In less than a year’s worth of time, he managed to pick up 24 wickets in as little as 14 matches.


In terms of sheer power, Pakistan is not to be underestimated. The real question is, can they keep it consistent enough to bring their A-game all the way to the top?

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