Junior Consultation review

Thank you to all of you who took the time to submit your thoughts on the issues raised on the Consultation Questionnaire.
The Junior Executive feel it is important that channels are seen to exist for everyone associated with Palace Shield junior cricket to have an opportunity for their views to be heard i.e. not solely Clubs’ representatives. It is great to see that individuals care passionately about various issues but it is necessary to take the majority view as summarised below:-
1) Over Age Players
There is clearly a lot of goodwill between Clubs and a willingness to increase participation wherever possible.
Option (d) was chosen i.e. Allow dispensation for players / teams of lesser ability / health issues to play in a younger age group on a case by case basis to be approved at the pre-season league meeting N.B. this would give clubs the opportunity to promote restrictions on where a particular player could bat or bowl.
2) Coaching Under 10s / U11s
Clubs generally agree that coaching should be restricted on Finals Day with almost a 50 / 50 split between restricting coaching to the end of each over or restricting coaching to each batting changeover. We will need to put both options to a vote.
3) Under 17s Competition
The introduction of a 20 / 20 Finals day has proved a popular proposal And we will be looking to implement this next season.
4) Leagues
The majority of Clubs feel the introduction of Under 12 & Under 14 competitions has helped retain players that would otherwise be making the numbers up in a higher age group thereby soon becoming disillusioned.
We should continue to emphasise that Clubs do not have to enter teams in every age group and must only do so if they have sufficient numbers.
5) Regionalisation
The majority view of Clubs is that we should retain the main division for the stronger teams, which involves travelling, whilst having 2 Divisions regionalised for the Plate
competitions. Depending on the number of entrants this format will be used in 2018.
6) Deadline Dates
The reasoning behind, and need for, the 31st July deadline date is recognised by most Clubs. August is described as a nightmare!
It is generally felt that we should stick with the deadline as it is easily achievable if planned properly and focusses the mind.
7) Fixed Nights for Specific Age Groups
This was not felt to be practical for most Clubs. Clubs need the flexibility to arrange games as best they can. Every Club is different as regards evenings for Senior Practice, All Stars Cricket, Ladies Cricket etc. Players themselves have other evening commitments that differ from club to club e.g. football, netball, scouting.
8) No Rearranging Rained Off Matches
It is generally felt that we should be focussing on how to maximise games played but this needs the cooperation of ALL Clubs particularly with regards to rearranging fixtures within 7 days as per existing Rule 4.
A big THANK YOU once again to those who participated in the Questionnaire. It is important that you know that you can submit your views at any time, either directly to myself or via Mark Myers, Junior Secretary.
John Conway
Junior Chairman
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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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