2017 Junior AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Junior Section of the Palace Shield AG M at Fulwood and Broughton CC on 29.11.17

Started 19.30 ended 20.40

Present:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, President & CWO, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer,  and members representing 23 clubs.

Apologies:  Chorley, Vernon Carus, Peter Ingham (Walton-le-Dale), Adam Ball (Norcross).

Roll Call: All clubs present,  apart from Preston, Chorley, Walton-le-Dale and Vernon Carus .These clubs will be fined in accordance with the rules.

Matters Arising from 2016 AGM:  None arising.

Chairman’s Address:  John  found his first year had flown by. It had been most enjoyable, especially the U10 softball and hardball finals and presenting trophies .He had managed to get round to all but 4 clubs. He thanked his executive, in particular Mark ( with his stressful year) and Adam ( who was resigning from his role as treasurer), the clubs, the patrons and all the sponsors of the junior section. The future of the competition lay in clubs respecting executive decisions and rule changes as they were designed to make life easier for everyone.

Treasurer’s report: Accounts had been prepared and been handed out. Adam thanked the sponsors – Moore and Smalley, Bill Monitor (U17) , Duncan Cowburn, Walker Fire (U11), Energy Trampoline Parks (U10) and UCLAN ( U13  6-a-side comp.) Slightly more had been spent on teas and grounds. John thanked Adam for all his hard work since 2008. John also stressed the need to put auditors in place. There were no questions.

CWO’s report:  No child welfare issues. Trevor was disappointed at the number of coaches and managers who were not DBS certificated. There had been little response to the courses that Trevor had emailed to clubs so far. With the reorganisation of Lancashire cricket nothing was coming through regarding safeguarding courses. Trevor stressed the need for clubs to contact him as soon as possible if they needed new welfare officers so he could arrange courses in March 2018. John thanked Trevor for his hard work.

Secretary’s report:  Mark’s highlight of the season was the success of the U10s 6-a-side competitions; softball at Charnock St. James and hardball at Eccleston. The event will hopefully run in 2018.

He gave thanks to the volunteers and clubs for hosting events: Blackpool, Chorley, Chorley St. James, Eccleston, Fleetwood, Fylde, Great Eccleston, Kirkham and Wesham, Leyland and St. Annes.

He congratulated the winners of the competitions, especially first time winners: Gregson Lane, New Longton and Tarleton. He reminded the meeting that success for smaller clubs was about fielding teams in the hope that these juniors would become the backbone of the senior sides.

Ed Moulton(Chorley )was the Junior Player of the Year and Rory Kellett ( Vernon Carus) won the Junior Fair Play Trophy.

He thanked the umpires for our internal competitions as well as the inter-league matches. The U17s final , Fleetwood v St. Annes, will be played in 2018

His main concern was the reported increase in umpires being verbally abused by players, opposing managers/coaches and even parents. WE therefore need to uphold the spirit and traditions of the game and accept decisions.

Mark thanked the executive for performing their roles with the minimum of fuss. Problems were usually down to 1 or 2 clubs which did not provide information when requested. It only needs one club to be late in sending in team entries on time which means fixtures cannot be prepared as scheduled.

He especially thanked John Conway for helping him in a year of health problems and the loss of his aunt Winnie. John took him to various matches and also ensured trophies could be presented on the night of the winning clubs’ last league match.

Mark thanked Adam for all he had achieved over his time as treasurer and wished him well.

He also thanked the sponsors ( mentioned in the treasurer’s report) and the anonymous sponsor of the U10s  6-a-side competition.

Mark believed that the success of the league and clubs was due to the people of each club who gave up their time to run teams, coach, score, umpire, transport players and provide food. Every club needs to support and encourage others to volunteer to ensure continued success for clubs and the league.

Mark wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2018.

Election of Officers: Mick Snape ( Kirkham) agreed to take on the treasurer’s post and the rest of the Committee was re-elected on bloc.

Re-election of Clubs: Euxton CC and Lytham CC were re-elected.

Correspondence: None.

Discipline: One minor incident.  Adam reported there had been a lot of verbal reports but he could not act on these .In future problems need to be reported, in writing, to Adam, as soon as possible.

Expenses: Adam proposed that Mark’s expenses be put up to £500; seconded by Leyland. Meeting agreed. The other expenses were to remain the same.

Rule Changes for 2018:

The meeting agreed to the following rule changes: The proposals had been sent to clubs before the AGM and the executive had made decisions based on replies.

  1. OVER AGE PLAYERS: Allow dispensation for players/teams of lesser ability/health issues to play in a younger age group on a case by case basis to be approved at the pre-season meeting. N.B. this would give clubs the opportunity to promote restrictions on where a particular player could bat or bowl. Passed unanimously.
  2. COACHING UNDER 10s/U11s: Coaching on Finals Day will be restricted to the end of each over. Agreed 12 votes to 6 votes.
  3. UNDER 17 COMPETITION: There would be a 20/20 Finals day. Agreed 9 votes to 7 votes.
  4. LEAGUES: Having an U12 and U14 competition helped retain players. Clubs do not have to enter teams in every competition.
  5. REGIONALISATION: A main division for stronger teams. Two divisions for the plate competitions . Depending on the number of entries this format will be used in 2018.
  6. DEADLINE DATE: This would be 31st July 2018.
  7. FIXED NIGHTS FOR SPECIFIC AGE GROUPS: Not practical as each club will have events on different nights.
  8. NO REARRANGING RAINED OFF MATCHES: We must focus on maximising games but ALL clubs need to follow the existing rule 4; to rearrange games within 7 days.
  9. The meeting agreed to the ‘catch- all’ clause – For any administrative matters not covered by the following rules then the Palace Shield Senior Rules will apply.  N.B. this would cover matters such as voting at the Junior AGM. Also TEAM SHEETS must be filled in prior to a match with the FULL names of the players.
  10. RESULTS/SCORECARDS: Rule 9: Results must be in by 10pm the following day. Scorecards within 72 hours. Late fines of £5 will apply in both instances with weekly chasers also charged at £5. ( Proposed  Fylde, seconded Thornton).  Agreed by the majority.



Trevor reported on the LCB becoming the Lancashire Foundation. The cricket partnerships of Lancashire, Manchester and Liverpool were disbanded. A steering group would take over. Districts were in north and south sections with 2 divisions at each age group. Fixtures  out before Christmas.


Colin reminded the meeting about the changes to the Laws of Cricket. This will specifically affect junior bowlers, where 2 over waist height deliveries  in an over, means they have to be taken off. John felt this was really unfair to younger slow/spin bowlers. He hoped that as a league that we can bring common sense to the rule.


Cricket balls to be ordered at the senior meeting on 11th December.


Junior team entries to emailed to Mark/Alex by 14.2.18.


John thanked Fulwood and Broughton for hosting the meeting.


Dates of 2018 meetings to be held at Fulwood and Broughton CC  7.30pm.

Wednesday 28th February 2018

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Wednesday 26th September 2018

Wednesday 28th November 2018  AGM

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