Urgebt Junior Meeting Called - Weds 16th January


To all reps and junior coaches

An urgent junior meeting has been arranged to discuss and agree on the way forward with the suggested ECB format changes for U9s to U11s for 2019.
At the last meeting it was suggested that we set up a sub committee to take the proposals forward; since the meeting there have been changes with the ECB now wanting changes at U13s and U15s as well which would also mean changes to our U12s and U14s competitions.
Therefore all clubs are invited to the meeting which is Weds 16th January at Fulwood and Broughton CC starting at 7.30pm. 
The only item to be discussed and voted upon will be the suggested format changes.
As the proposals are radically different from how we currently play the game all coaches are also invited along to the meeting.

Suggested changes are:
U9s softball                       6 a side. 12 overs each innings. on a 15 yard pitch.      Batters bat in pairs 4 overs a pair. 
U10s and U11s softball       8 a side  16 overs each innings  on a 17 yard pitch        batters retire on reaching 25 runs and have 2 lives each. Max 6 balls in the over except for the last over of the innings
U10s and U11s hardball   8 a side   all details same as for the softball
U9s, U10s and U11s  all overs to be bowled from the same end
U12s                                 18 yard pitch
U13s                                 19 yard pitch
U14s and U15                   21 yard pitch   
Suggested formats for U12s to U15s still to be notified.
How do the suggested changes differ from what we currently have ?
U9s will be same as the format as we held this year.
U10s and U11s  we currently play 10 a side on an 18 yard pitch batting in pairs 4 overs a pair. max 9 balls in over except for final.
U12s and U13s we currently use 21 yard pitches.
U14s and U15s we currently use 22 yard pitches.
If any coach(es) have any point(s) that they would like to be raised and discussed but cannot make the meeting, please advise your club rep or you can forward details onto me directly.
Please make every effort to attend the meeting. The discussions and any subsequent voting will determine how the PS Juniors go forward with these ECB proposals.
Mark Myers
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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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