Junior AGM notes


Minutes of the Junior Section of the Palace Shield AG M at Fulwood and Broughton CC on 27.11.19

                                                          Started 19.32 ended 21.10

Present:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, President & CWO, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Registration Secretary and members representing 23 clubs.

Apologies: Chorley and New Longton

Roll Call: All clubs present  apart from Chorley and New Longton . These clubs will be fined in accordance with the rules.

Matters Arising from 2018 AGM:  None arising. The minutes were a correct record . Passed unanimously.

Chairman’s Address:   In his last  address as chairman, John thanked all sponsors, patrons ,the PS senior section, clubs , coaches and the executive for their support. The 2019 season had problems , notably the new pitch lengths and the bad weather  which he felt meant that our league had gone a step backwards. He thanked everyone for the privilege of allowing him to be chairman of a fantastic junior league.

Treasurer’s report: Accounts had been prepared and been handed out. There had been fewer team entries , patrons and sponsorship was down and more had been spent on trophies. The year had ended in a deficit of £111.73 but the treasurer was still waiting for a patronage amount and one club had not yet paid their junior subscriptions ,which would put us in the black for the year. Do we need to increase junior subscriptions? The treasurer was thanked for his work and the accounts would be audited before the next meeting.

It was also noted that some trophies had been duplicated so these trophies would be used next year.

 CWO’s report:  There had been one issue which had been quickly resolved. Trevor was still concerned that some clubs coaches, managers etc were not covered by safe hands, DBS etc. He hoped that this would be changed for the better in 2020.

Discipline:  Although Adam had received verbal reports of transgressions he needed  written reports to act upon them. Discipline needs to be acted on quickly.

Registrations: Club secretaries had been asked to clean up their club registration site as over 3000 players had not played for two years.

Secretary’s report:  Mark thanked the executive for their continued hard work, for without their efforts the competition would not function easily.  That is not to say that everything had run smoothly as there was still the odd club that was slow in providing information as and when required. He thanked all the reps who regularly attend the meetings and the clubs which hosted finals, even though some were rained off. He believed that the football season continued to encroach into the cricket season making things increasingly difficult. Mark had had a difficult year both on and off the field and had not been able to fulfil his role as much as he would have liked to. Hopefully he would put this right next season. His final words were to thank the chairman, wishing he had been able to stay on longer as he had led discussions in what he believed were for the benefit of the league as a whole and not just for individual clubs.

Election of Officers:  The Committee was re-elected on bloc apart, from the chairman who had resigned. No nominations had been forthcoming prior to and from the meeting.  As an interim measure, Peter Metcalf ( chairman of the senior section) took over the junior chairman’s role.

After thanking John. Peter briefly spoke about his ideas for the future. He hoped for support for the ECB changes; with reservations re the U13 pitch length. More teams in the competition. If clubs have issues to  email him. There would be executive meetings prior to the main meetings which would be minuted and sent to clubs prior to the main meeting. He also asked that if anyone was interested in being on the committee to come forward. He firmly believed that we had a good league but it would become better through the issuing of firm dates and events in the 2020 season.

Expenses: No change.

Correspondence:  Leyland CC had sent a letter thanking John for his chairmanship.  An email had requested that we should run an U9 softball league.

Rule Changes for 2019:

The following rule changes were passed at the meeting:

  • Winning teams to receive 10 points and no bonus points. The losing teams to receive bonus points.
  • There would be finals days for U10, U11 and U17s only. The other leagues would have league winners.

Other rule changes were passed by the meeting after lengthy discussion

  • The U12 league would be played on 18 yards ( ECB pitch lengths).
  • The U13 league would be played on 19 yards ( ECB pitch lengths).
  • Under 10 and U11 leagues would be played at 10-a-side ( 20 overs ) with the proviso that managers could  agree, before the fixtures, on 8-a-side ( 16 overs ) if they did not have 10 players available to play.
  • U10 and U11 pitch lengths to be 17 yards  ( ECB pitch lengths).

There was also discussion about U9 softball as to whether it should be a league or festival format. The chairman  asked clubs to submit teams by February 1st 2020, including , if they wanted, an U9 softball team, so that the executive could work out the feasibility of a league or festivals.

AOB:  U12/U14 Inter league. Mark will not be entering the competitions unless  it is agreed to play midweek fixtures in summer.

The Junior Player of the Year was Josh Sackfield ( Thornton Cleveleys).

The Fair Play Trophy will be presented in 2020 to the junior at his  club.

John Conway was elected a life vice-president  of our league. Congratulations.

The 2020 junior meetings would be on the following Wednesdays: 26th February, 6 May,  30th June, 9th September, 25th November the AGM.

Hoghton CC thanked John, Mark and the committee for their hard work in the 2019 season.

The chairman thanked Fulwood and Broughton CC  for the use of their room and wished everyone a safe journey and a good Christmas.

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