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  • Monday, 19 March 2018 20:47
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Play-Cricket Scorer Pro delivers powerful free laptop scoring software for recording and analysing cricket matches at international, domestic and recreational level.

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Complementing the app-based Play-Cricket Scorer, this simple, intuitive and powerful software is fully customisable, making it the ideal choice for the dedicated scorer.

Providing all the detail required in a traditional scoresheet and more, live scoring with Scorer Pro results in the automatic upload of game data to and Play-Cricket Live.

This process makes match day administration simple with scores, results and stats becoming immediately available.

No internet connection? No problem! Record offline andScorer Pro will store your match stats. When you can connect your recorded data will be pushed to both and Play-Cricket Live.



  • Score a wide range of match types and formats.
  • Connect seamlessly to Play-Cricket.comand Play-Cricket Live.
  • Live score to share results and statistics on social media.
  • Manage rain affected games with Duckworth Lewis Stern projections.
  • Work offline and upload automatically and Play-Cricket Livewhen you have a connection.


  • Choose to record a whole range of statistics depending upon what’s needed – wagon wheels, pitch maps, type of shot played, manhattans etc.
  • Analyse match and player performances using the powerful stats wizard.
  • Use Scorer Pro to operate a range of Scoreboards.
  • Built to manage the changes, made by MCC, to the Laws of Cricket (2017 Code).
  • The Edit facility includes automatic validation, providing you with peace of mind that a mistake can quickly be fixed.

Flexible Software

The Windows based software is designed for the advanced scorer to record both professional and recreational cricket via both Windows Laptop and Apple Mac (using Parallels Desktop or similar).

Fully Customisable Screen

Do you have a preferred scoring screen layout? Scorer Pro allows you to configure the setup by dragging the windows to your preferred positions and you can turn features on or off as you require them.

Time-Saving Shortcuts

Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts, the ‘undo’ function and easy editing on your way to mastering the one click scoring capability.

Share Data

Scorer Pro allows you to access clubs’ Play-Cricket database of players and teams. You can then record each delivery, collecting useful data for coaches and players at all levels.

Always Improving

The software will continually be improving and evolving in line with your user feedback to make the scoring experience even smoother.

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