Phase 1 Update/Round Up - Moving to Stage 2

  • Tuesday, 11 August 2020 12:17
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I have attached a couple of documents. The plan shows the progress on phase 1 and the phase2 document shows how it is panning out for phase 2. This will all be decided at the weekend and we can only really do any fixtures etc once all the results are in. Therefore, it is imperative that no results are late. If any are, we will need to look at fines because delays will affect everyone.

The plan is that the group winners will get 2 home games. This may alter lower down as if, say Leyland and Leyland II finish top of their groups, both teams cannot have 2 home games at the next stage. Hopefully, it will all be simple but it is likely to be Monday before we can confirm fixtures starting the following Saturday.

We have acquired 5 refurbished trophies and these will be given to the winners of the 4 gold finals and the 20/20 competition. Three of these trophies have been named after people who have contributed a great deal to cricket in the local area and who sadly passed away earlier this year. These will be given as follows:

Level 1 Charles W Walsh

Level 2 Len Hackett

Level 3 Graham Lee

The final two trophies have been named after people who have contributed a great deal to cricket in the area and are happily still with us. These are:

Level 4 Colin Dawber

20/20 Tommy Wilson

For the second phase of games, we will be looking more closely at player eligibility for the second, third and fourth teams and, in general, someone who had played more than 50% higher up, should only play in a lower team if permission is given. This enables us to cater for players being dropped, out of form or not being used but also to stop teams over strengthening the lower teams. If in doubt, please ask.

If you have any questions about the second phase of games, please let me know and we'll try to find you an answer. If we think it might apply across the board, we will let everyonr know.
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Alex Diver

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