• Sunday, 23 August 2020 10:55
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As you may be aware, there have been additional restrictions imposed in certain areas of Blackburn, Pendle and Oldham.  Whilst none of our clubs are in these areas, we are aware that a number of players will reside there.  The current position from the cricket authorities is as follows:

“It is the responsibility of any person living in areas of special local measures not to travel outside of the area to play cricket or attend any training sessions whilst the restrictions remain in force”

Whilst this appears to leave the responsibility with the individuals themselves, it will no doubt come back to affect the clubs and the competitions should anyone travel from these areas to play in our competition at any level.  Therefore, we must ask the clubs to check their players to ensure that no-one is travelling from these areas to play.  We realise this will possibly affect some clubs ability to raise a side so would ask those who feel they will be or could be affected to let us know. As these restrictions came in at midnight last night, they will affect all games today and this week.  It is also highly likely that they will remain in place until at least next Saturday.

Please can you let me know if you feel your teams will be affected by this.

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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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