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  • Friday, 26 February 2021 12:12
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The roadmap for the moves away from lockdown appear to pave the way for
the return to cricket and a full season.  Exactly how this will pan out
is still uncertain and we are waiting for an update from the ECB
following negoiations with the government.  The dates given were a "not
before" date and, if any one date slips, then the subsequent ones will
also slip.  The dates given were

Mon 29th March    outdoors sports allowed.  This would appear to include
some sort of cricket but possibly groups of 6. Confirmation of this will
be given on Mon 24th March

Mon 12th April    possible return for adult team sports.  This looks
like the start date for organised cricket matches but the decision is
not until Mon 5th April and will also depend on the previous date not
moving.  Will probably involve everyone remaining outdoors throughout.

Mon 17th May    possible date with people allowed inside whether
spectators or players.  Unclear at this point regarding changing rooms. 
Decision due on Mon 10th May but will depend on the above dates being met.

Mon 21st June    possible date for removal of restrictions.  The
decision will be due on Mon 14th June and depend on the dates above
being met.  This is nearly half way through the planned season.

All the information above is in the public domain but, hopefully, the
ECB will give an update soon on the position regarding cricket.

In the meantime, thanks for those who gave feedback to the notes a few
weeks ago - further feedback is still welcome.  The exec will be meeting
on Wed 10th March when we hope to be in a better position to inform.  IN
the meantime, please note the following changes:

Whittle-le-Woods have been reduced to one team.  They have stated that
the majority of players leaving will be those who were  in the first
team so they have requested that they drop the team in Div 1A and keep
the team in Div 5.

Great Eccleston III have resigned from DIv 4.

This would leave 11 teams in Div 1A, Div 4, Div 5 and Div 6 so it would
appear to spread the missed games and also allows us to continue without
a rewrite of the fixtures which would result if we had to move teams up
to fill gaps and would also leave larger gaps lower down.  However, it
is imperative that we are told about anyone else who may also have to
withdraw a side before or early in the season.  If we have this
information before next Wednesday, it would be helpful.

On ground issues, St Annes III will be playing at AKE School for the
coming season (King Edwards in Lytham as I would know it). Penwortham IV
will be groundsharing at Bretherton which has resulted in a few fixtures
changes in Div 6 and one in Div 5 but all teams are aware.  Ingol will
be playing their home games at Freckleton.

As soon as we have any further information, we wil let you know.

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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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