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  • Sunday, 11 April 2021 13:57
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Please find attached some additional notes with regards to matchday. 
These are over and above the ECB regulations and specifically apply to Palace Shield games.

Please ensure you complete risk assessments and also let your visitors know any specifics for their arrival especially - e.g. where to park.

There is an inter-league meeting on Monday so, hopefully, there will be some clarity by then and we can hopefully give another update during the week.


This document should be read in conjunction with the latest guidance from the ECB / LCF / ACO.

1. Scorers

As part of their matchday risk assessment, clubs must consider the facilities for the scorers.  If the home club is unable to provide a sheltered, COVID-safe position for the visitor’s scorer to be seated near to the home scorer, this should be covered in the risk assessment and that message conveyed to the visiting side prior to the game.  If that is the case, the home club must ensure that their scorer is capable of managing the scorebook and scorebox alone or with the help of others from their own household.  The visiting side may still wish to provide a scorer but they will have to operate under the constraints identified by the home side.  The provision of a scorer is not mandatory for the visitors in this case but, if they do not provide a scorer, they must provide someone to stay in the vicinity of the home scorer so that they can relate details such as player’s names etc to the home scorer.  This person can be changed during the game but, if no-one is provided or there is only someone available for part of the game, this will be considered as failing to provide a scorer and meet with potential penalties.

Just to remind everyone, the penalty for failing to provide a scorer is a one point deduction for each game that this happens but the penalty only comes in on the fourth occasion.  So, there is no penalty for up to 3 cases of failing to provide a scorer but the 4th time would result in a 4 point penalty.

2. Umpires

Team Cards (ECB version now introduced) both sides should be completed and handed to the umpire prior to the toss together with an envelope containing their £45 expenses.  Umpires may ask you to enable them to photograph or copy the details from the Team Cards rather than take possession.

3. Ball Cleaning

Captains are reminded they must use a microbial cloth to clean the ball. These cloths are now readily available at all supermarkets. They MUST NOT use hand sanitiser.


Latest LCF Update

Good morning everyone,


Ahead of the move to Step 2 of the Government Roadmap on April 12th, ECB have updated their playing guidance for recreational cricket. This guidance can be found in the weekly bulletin for clubs and leagues (to be published this morning).

What has changed under Step 2 (12th April)?


The activities permissible through organised outdoor cricket activity remain the same and therefore existing playing guidance should be followed.
The main changes for cricket relate to outdoor hospitality, which is now permissible subject to following government guidance.

Whilst spectators are still not permissible, ECB have updated their FAQ’s to explain the exemptions for parents, guests/patrons using your venue for hospitality purposes and what this means if your ground is located within a public open space.


Please ensure you read the FAQ’s and full guidance carefully and communicate appropriately to your clubs so they can update any risk assessments as appropriate.


It should be noted that the ‘no spectator’ rule has been set by government(DCMS) for all recreational sport, and a further review is due ahead of Step 3 of the roadmap on May 17th.


Clubs should continue to monitor the ECB Covid-19 webpage for further information.




James Cutt | Leagues & Teams Manager

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