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Scorebooks PL

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last two months in recovering BTR’s lost history and there is still more to come from other clubs.

This has proved to be a fantastic success and has got not just BTR ex-players talking but old combatants from other clubs as well.

I’ve set up a google drive folder and to date have uploaded:

356 score cards from 1950 - 2000

LEP weekly match results from 1977 – 2000

Palace Shield Handbooks from 1928 – 2000

Surviving averages

Competition records

A Miscellaneous section containing all sorts of things including scorecards of Palace Shield League XI v other leagues

From all of the above, I’ve also been able to pull together:

BTR Committee members from 1928 – 2000

BTR Honours Board (100’s, 50’s, 5 wickets)

BTR league positions from 1948 – 2000

If anyone is interested in looking at the content, please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you a link

In closing if you do happen to come across any old scorebooks in a dusty loft or garage please get in touch

Kind regards


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