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Following on from the successful road-show held at Old Trafford last year two events have been planned for Lancashire whereby scorers and interested parties can become familiar with the play cricket scoring programmes, both with the App and Play cricket scorer pro a programme for laptops. New updates for the play cricket scorer pro will be explained. Candidates will be asked to register through the ECB CO website and if you want to have a try at the play cricket scorer pro on the night then you should download the software before coming to the event. Download and evening is free.

The events will take place at the following places

March 4th                                                                                March 10th

7.30pm till 9.30pm                                                              1pm till 5pm

BAC/EE                                                                            Farnworth CC

Riverside .                                                                        Lavendar Road

South meadow lane                                                             Farnworth

Broadgate                                                                                Bolton

Preston PR1 8JP                                                                BL4 0EA                                                                                                                                                       

2 Northern Branch of the LACO

These meetings take place during the winter at Unsworth CC, Pole Lane Bury from 7.45pm. The evening usually begins with a quick meeting and then there are opportunities to discuss incidents or law changes or listen to a guest speaker At the end of the evening a light supper is provided. The next meeting will be on March 7th where our guest speaker will be Chris Rimmer the Lancashire scorer. You don’t have to be a member of the ACO to attend these meetings so pass the word around and bring a friend.

For any information about either of these two events please contact Karen Knott on knott_karen @hotmail.com

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Lytham Cricket and Sports Club are looking for an Assistant Groundsperson to work at their Church Rd site From 1st April 2019 to 30th September, 10 to 15 hours per week. The rate of pay will be negotiated based on experience and ability. The successful applicant will be working under the existent Groundsman who is an ECB Pitch Advisor.

The general duties will include preparing and repairing cricket pitches for the forthcoming 2019 season but other roles may be required.

The Club plays in the Liverpool Competition ECB Premier league and pitches must be prepared to a very high standard. The suitable candidate must have good experience in this field and be reliable and diligent. Suitable qualifications would be a distinct advantage such as IOG Cricket specific courses.  They will need to be flexible as regards working hours with most of the work taking place in the mornings, 3 to 4 days a week.

Please apply with your CV to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Adam Cooper

113 Whittingham Lane


Preston PR3 5DD

Applications must arrive by 8th March 2019

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2019da burclari neler bekliyor

Please find attached the dates of the meetings etc for next season.   
Please note it is the Management Meetings, AGM and SGM / pre-season meetings that all clubs need to attend with the next being the Special General Meeting and Pre-season meeting on Mon 8th Aril at 7.30 and at BAC/EE Preston which is a change from previous years.

Wed 9th Jan Executive Meeting F&B
Mon 4th Feb Management Meeting BAC
Mon 4th March Executive Meeting F&B
Mon 8th Apr Pre-season meeting / SGM BAC
Sat 20th Apr First fixtures
Wed 8th May Executive Meeting F&B
Mon 20th May Management Meeting BAC
Wed 5th Jun Executive Meeting F&B
Mon 24th Jun Management Meeting BAC
Wed 24th Jul Executive Meeting F&B
Wed 31st Jul Palace Shield U21 v MCC
Mon 19th Aug Management Meeting BAC
Sat 14th Sep Last Fixtures
Wed 18th Sep Executive Meeting F&B
Mon 21st Oct Management Meeting BAC
Fri 8th Nov Dinner
Mon 9th Dec AGM BAC

13 February 2019

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They are two sports that are not frequently considered together, but cricket and poker have many similarities. They both have centuries old histories, and both saw global growth during the 19th and 20th centuries. Both sports have an element of class and sophistication, with cricket conjuring up images of tea breaks, whilst poker has strong associations with the glamorous casinos of Las Vegas, Macao and Monaco. The similarities don’t end here, below are examples of some others.


Focus on the Process

Poker players will know that sometimes you’ll be dealt a bad hand of cards; good players will understand that how they handle bad hands is just as important as their approach to good hands. Skilled poker players know that their goal is continually make the best decisions under the circumstances, without too much concern for a single hand.


This is similar in cricket, a batsman must make decisions on how aggressive to play to achieve the best outcome. An aggressive approach prevents the bowlers from finding a rhythm, and could decide the game in his team's favour. Conversely, this approach could also give away too many wickets, and result in his team losing the game. Ultimately the player must make the decision based on what he believes to be the most probable outcome, given what he knows about his own performance and his opponents'.


It's a Marathon Not a Sprint

Cricket matches can last a long time, and so can poker games. It is important for players of both games to ensure that they remain focused, and realise that one bad hand, or one bad hit, is not the end of the game. Sports like football and rugby may have matches that last for less than two hours, but a cricket match is generally played over three to five days (yes, days). Although a poker tournament might be shorter at five to seven hours, this is a significant time to maintain high levels of concentration.


This concentration is important; poker players must make many strategic decisions and good players will fold many more times than they play a hand, understanding when to bluff and doing it well. A bowler in cricket must also make strategic decisions, understanding the type of batter he is facing and changing his bowling technique accordingly. It’s therefore vital for both cricket and poker players to ensure they pace themselves, and settle in for the long haul. Without this mental and physical stamina, no level of skill will be able to compensate for the inability to perform for the whole game.


Good Sportsmanship

Unlike some sports where trash talking or displays of aggression may be seen as the norm, respect is an important part of both cricket and poker. Whether it be respect for the rules, fellow players, the dealer (in poker) or the umpire (in cricket), these are vital parts of both games.


No person or team can win every game or match, therefore grace and respect in victory and defeat are important too. Good poker and cricket players will always shake hands after a game as it’s a sign of good sportsmanship and respect. Of course this does not mean friendly rivalry can’t develop between teams and players, and certainly in poker, players will spend a lot of time bluffing and reading each other’s body language.


Skill and Practice

cricket 166904 960 720


There is an old saying that it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a skill, although this has mostly been debunked by modern research. However, the underlying message remains true: “practice makes perfect”. This is certainly the case for both cricket and poker, both are games of skill that can be easy to learn, but difficult to master. In cricket it may be possible to bowl to a reasonable level of skill after a short period of practice, but a strong understanding of the intricacies of different bounces, spin and speeds will take many years to develop.


There are certainly many differences between poker and cricket; the latter is certainly more physically demanding. Despite their differences, they are similar in many areas too. This includes the necessity for players to be strategic in their approach to the game, with a focus on the long game. Both sports also have long running times; poker tournaments can take up as many as seven hours, whilst a cricket match could run for as long as 5 days. Whilst the technical skills may not be directly transferable, the underlying principles of sportsmanship, longevity and practice are certainly common themes in both games.

12 February 2019
U19ClubT20 social media 1
I’m pleased to confirm that the Lancashire Cricket Foundation will once again be running the Vitality U19 Club T20 Competition in 2019.
We would now like to invite clubs to formally apply to take part in the 2019 Competition by filling in the attached entry form returning to Katrina Lees at Emirates Old Trafford with a cheque for £50 arriving no later than 17th March.
If your club don’t have enough players of your own, but want to enter the competition please contact me, as we are currently in conversations with ECB about the option of clubs merging to create teams, therefore allowing players to take part in the U19 Club T20 Competition rather than miss out.
See link for more information – www.ecbu19clubt20.play-cricket.com along with the 2018 Rules for consideration. Whilst we always encourage clubs to embrace the full T20 Blast Experience, to help with player retention, I must stress that they are optional and shouldn’t put anyone off entering the competition.
If you have any further queries, please let me know?
James Cutt | Club & Community Cricket Manager
Lancashire Cricket Foundation
Emirates Old Trafford, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PX
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