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Quarter Finals To be played Mon 31st August or sooner if both teams agree
Suggest 3pm start but can be different by agreement
Panel Umpires so please confirm arrangements

QF1 Winners C v Runners Up A
QF2 Winners B (St Annes) v Runners Up C
QF3 Winners A (Fulwood & Broughton)  v Runners Up D
QF4 Winners D v Runners Up B (Longridge)

Semi-Finals To be played Sun 6th September, again suggest 3pm start but please confirm
SF1 QF1 Winners v QF2 Winners
SF2 QF4 Winners v QF3 Winners

Final To be played Sun 13th September, 3pm suggested
SF2 Winners v SF1 Winners

The quarter finals must be played on or by the bank holiday Monday with bowl outs if necessary
Depending on how the Saturday fixtures pan out and the weather forecast, we may consider reserve dates for semis and finals
but will only decide after the quarter finals are complete.

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Please remind all your players about social distancing on and off the
pitch.  We have had a couple of reports through but it may be happening
more often than get reported.  If they want to get together at the fall
of a wicket they must remain 2m apart.  As a simple rule, someone should
be able to walk through the ‘huddle’ without touching anyone (not
suggesting anyone does).

Similarly, there are a lot of important games this weekend and the
weather had been good so any clubs with bars may find increased interest
and spectator numbers.  Please remember to ensure spectators follow the
appropriate rules in your area when inside and outside.  Some clubs in
the Bolton area were visited last weekend by the police and one was
asked to close.

Parts of our area are facing increased lockdowns so we need to ensure
that cricket is following the regulations.  If pictures appear in the
press or on social media showing groups of players or spectators failing
to follow the guidelines, some members of the public may feel aggrieved
if this is going on when they can't sit in their parent's garden - and
there could be a backlash.

This weekend actually represents the mid-point of our plans for the
season so we need to remain focussed so that we can conclude the
remaining fixtures.

PS  Don't forget to put the results on promptly!!

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Stage 2 Format

At each level, the top 2 in each group will go into a Gold play-off.  The next 2 into a Silver Play-off and the others into a Bronze Play-off.  Where there are 8 teams, this will entail 2 groups of 4 playing 3 matches.  Then the top 2 in each will play semis, finals and ¾ play off.  The others can also play further games in the same pattern.  Smaller groups will have a different set -up.

Level 1 – Phase 1 Current Position         

St Annes will win Group 1 and go into the gold group.  Blackpool are second having completed their group games but could be caught by any of the other three teams.

Group 2 has Fulwood at the top but, if they lose to Longridge, any of the current top 4 could make up the Gold teams.  Preston and Kirkham will be in the bronze group.

Group 3 has Leyland in the lead but could be caught by Chorley or Eccleston.  Penwortham will be in the bronze group.

Morecambe and Netherfield will qualify for gold from Group 4 with their match next week deciding the group winners.  Lancaster and Kendal will both be in the silver group.

Phase 2 will be 8 Gold and Silver with 5 in Bronze playing 4 games in the group.

Level 2 – Phase 1 Current Position         

Group 1 is wide open with 4 potential group winners.  Lytham II will be in the bronze group.

Leyland II and Hoghton will qualify for the gold group from group 2 with the remaining 4 teams vying for the remaining places in silver.

In group 3, it is very close for the top spots between New Longton, Rufford and Mawdesley.  Tarleton will be in the bronze. 

Longridge II have qualified for gold from group 4 with the next 3 teams contesting the other spot.  Garstang II will be in the bronze.

Phase 2 will have 8 in each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze groupings.

Level 3 – Phase 1 Current Position         

In group 1, Whittingham will win the group and go into the gold group.  The next four teams could all come second and Ingol will be in the bronze.

In group 2, it is a 3-way fight at the top for the 2 gold places and a 3 way fight at the bottom to get the 4th spot for silver.  Preston II will be in the bronze.

In group 3, Walton-le-Dale will qualify for the gold with up to 4 teams potentially second.    White Coppice will finish in the bronze.

In group 4,four teams have the same points and could also be caught by 5th place.  Bretherton will be in the bronze.

Phase 2 will have 8 in each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze groupings.

Level 4 – Phase 1 Current Position         

In group 1, Wyre, Norcross and South Shore II are in contention for the top two places. 

In group 2, Wrea Green II and Kirkham II will go into the gold with Ingol II and Wyre II going into the silver.

In group 3, Hoghton II, Whittle-le-Woods II and Walton-le-Dale II could all finish in the top 2.  Longridge IV and BAC/EE II will be in the silver.

In group 4, Darwen III, Withnell Fold II and Tarleton III are level on points with Charnock St James in the silver.

Phase 2 will have 8 in the Gold group and 2 groups of 5 for silver playing 4 games and no play-off.

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I have attached a couple of documents. The plan shows the progress on phase 1 and the phase2 document shows how it is panning out for phase 2. This will all be decided at the weekend and we can only really do any fixtures etc once all the results are in. Therefore, it is imperative that no results are late. If any are, we will need to look at fines because delays will affect everyone.

The plan is that the group winners will get 2 home games. This may alter lower down as if, say Leyland and Leyland II finish top of their groups, both teams cannot have 2 home games at the next stage. Hopefully, it will all be simple but it is likely to be Monday before we can confirm fixtures starting the following Saturday.

We have acquired 5 refurbished trophies and these will be given to the winners of the 4 gold finals and the 20/20 competition. Three of these trophies have been named after people who have contributed a great deal to cricket in the local area and who sadly passed away earlier this year. These will be given as follows:

Level 1 Charles W Walsh

Level 2 Len Hackett

Level 3 Graham Lee

The final two trophies have been named after people who have contributed a great deal to cricket in the area and are happily still with us. These are:

Level 4 Colin Dawber

20/20 Tommy Wilson

For the second phase of games, we will be looking more closely at player eligibility for the second, third and fourth teams and, in general, someone who had played more than 50% higher up, should only play in a lower team if permission is given. This enables us to cater for players being dropped, out of form or not being used but also to stop teams over strengthening the lower teams. If in doubt, please ask.

If you have any questions about the second phase of games, please let me know and we'll try to find you an answer. If we think it might apply across the board, we will let everyonr know.
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Morecambe, Lancashire

Morecambe’s 100 per cent start to the cricket season ended on Saturday when they suffered a three-wicket loss against Lancaster.

Seven days after winning the reverse fixture, a disappointing display with the bat was to prove costly despite their bowlers’ best efforts.

Having chosen to bat first at Lune Road, Morecambe found themselves all out for 110 with four overs remaining.

Their openers provided a solid enough platform before Jamie Heywood was run out for 19 and Luke Pearson fell for an innings-high 32.

However, the remainder of the top order fell away with Charlie Swarbrick (4), Ryan Pearson (11) and Gareth Pedder (1) all dismissed by Abdul Rehman Shah.


For his part, Luke Pearson fell victim to Ben Simm who ran through the remainder of the Morecambe innings.

He got the better of Alex Briggs (10), Kieran Moffat (4), Andrew Creech (10), Graeme Cassidy (0) and Tommy Clough (1) to end the Morecambe innings.

That gave him bowling figures of 6-19 from eight overs, while Shah claimed 3-26.

In reply, Morecambe’s bowlers did their best to regain the initiative.


Clough got rid of Lewis McGinley (14) and Craig Heywood (7), Gareth Pedder accounted for Steven Fisher (6) and Danny Welbourne (0), while Kieran Moffat sent back Laurie Atkinson (13).

Though Lancaster benefited from 22 extras during their reply, the key innings came from Surath Bastola.

He made 29 from only 32 balls to take Lancaster nearer their target before being dismissed by Swarbrick.

There was still time for Shah (8) to be out, LBW to Liam Moffat, but Simm and Lee Marshall were both six not out as Lancaster took victory on 111-7 with three balls remaining.


Clough led the Morecambe bowling with 2-7, while Pedder chipped in with 2-26.

Swarbrick claimed 1-12, Liam Moffat 1-19 and Kieran Moffat 1-23.

It means Morecambe and Netherfield can’t be caught at the top of Group D in the round-robin stages of the competition replacing the Northern League and Palace Shield for this year.

Morecambe are top with 12 points from four games, ahead of Netherfield on runs/wickets differential.


Kendal are third on four points, ahead of bottom-placed Lancaster on the same method.

The final opening stage matches take place this Saturday with the top two meeting at Netherfield, while Lancaster take the trip to Kendal.

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