Alex Diver

Tuesday, 16 April 2024 15:28



Everyone should have received an email last week from the ECB with the current "Over and Out" publication. Included there was a link to concussion guidance which was originally issued in 2021 but which many people may not have seen. It is important that you read this before the season starts. I attach a link below.


One of the key takeaways impacts significantly our management of the game and overrides the Laws.


The email states:


"if there is a ball strike on a player (with or without helmet) then the umpires act under Law 20.4.2 to call Dead Ball and this will take place from the moment the head strike occurred."


In the detailed guidance it states:


" Therefore where a blow to the head occurs, HOWEVER MILD, (emphasis added) the umpire shall proceed with the following steps:


1. Either umpire shall immediately call and signal dead ball irrespective of the state of play"


The implications of this are:


a) any runs scored after the blow has occurred shall be disallowed.


b) should a batsmen be caught after the ball has struck his head or should they be caught after the ball has struck a fielder on the head the batsman shall be given not out.


This guidance must be adopted immediately should an umpire be found not to have followed such Governing Body specific guidance and a player subsequently suffers a reaction that umpire could be held legally responsible.


Please ensure you read the whole protocol which provides further advice on what you should do next, any questions feel free to contact me.




Rob Hales

Tuesday, 16 April 2024 12:42


Please find attached at the bottom of this post the latest LACO Spring Newsletter

Monday, 15 April 2024 17:03

SGM Round Up

nlps original

Following the Special General Meeting on the 2nd April, we can confirm that the top three divisions (NPL1 NPL 2 and PS Premier) will all have 10 teams in 2025. Divisions One to Seven will remain at 12 teams. 

Northern League Division One - Top 10 Teams from NPL 2024

Northern League Division Two - Bottom 3 teams from NPL 2024, Carlisle CC, Top 6 Teams from PS Prem 2024

PS Premier - Bottom 6 teams from PS Prem 2024, Top 4 1XI in 1A 2024.


Burscough have been elected to the competition and will join us from the Southport & District League.

Special General Meeting
Election of Burscough – voted in 77 to 0
Placement of Burscough in Div 2 (which is currently 1B) and the bottom division – carried 75 to 2.
Proposal 1 – Promotion of 6 teams to the NPL – carried by 58 to 17
Proposal 2 – Premier Division of 10 – carried by 40 to 35

As proposal 2 was carried, the remaining proposals would not be considered any further at this time.
This does not preclude any future changes.
Proposal 3 – Up to 4 second teams allowed in Prem
Proposal 4 – Limit second teams to 8 in Prem and 1
Proposal 5 – Promotion to pass to highest first team if a second team is second in a division
Proposal 6 – Accept 2 teams from WML in 2025

Wednesday, 10 April 2024 17:19



The MCC Game has been aranged for the 10th July at Settle CC.

The game gives a showcase for the leading U21 players from the Palace Shield and Northern Premier League to take on members of the MCC.




Tuesday, 09 April 2024 10:00


Junior Cricket Development – 2024 Season Squad Selection (Boys)

Hi All

I am pleased to confirm the 2024 Northern League / Palace Shield Interleague squads, as detailed below.
This is a step up from club cricket and bridges the gap between club cricket and the County Pathway. For those wondering, the girls will follow a slightly different set up and an email will follow soon.

For those not selected:
The competition for places was tough, and we would encourage all those not selected to return to their clubs and work hard to get a place next season. Coaches on the interleague programme will keep an eye on play cricket, and should we feel a player has been missed we will invite him to join up with the squad during the season. We are unable to give individual feedback for all players involved as there are simply too many but here is some general guidance:

Bowlers – what do you offer? Fast / Spin / Swing? Is this repeatable and are you starting to include a variation?
Batters – consistent set up with application. Can you put the bad ball to the boundary? Can you defend the good ball? Can you hit 360?
Wicket‐Keepers – consistent stance. Take the ball cleanly? Foot movement? Can you take both off side and leg side deliveries? Can you stand up to the stumps?

For those selected:

Congratulations! Moving forward this season, your child may be invited to attend some additional summer training sessions (coach availability dependent) and will be involved in the summer fixture programme.
Please note that we will take 12 players to each game from the squad, naming 11 that will bat. The 12th will play a role in the game. Can I ask that the following link is completed to ensure we have accurate contact and medical information for your player:

In regards to kit, we have brought Lukeys Cricket Academy on board as our new kit supplier. We are also fortunate to have an additional sponsor, Fitbiotics, which will appear as a sleeve sponsor. Consequently, we would ask that ALL players order the playing top as a minimum for the season. We are aware of the rise in living costs and associated expenses with sport, so to acknowledge this we would like to offer a 50% rebate on the cost of a playing shirt at the end of the season. This would be for all those who make themselves available for at least 4 of their age group fixtures (not dependent on selection). You will still need to order this as per the details in the next paragraph.

There is also a variety of training wear available to purchase, which can be seen at the end of this email. All kit orders must be made directly through Lukey, either by attending his cricket centre to directly order, or through contacting him directly through: 07878 401934. I will not be in a position to take any orders through this email, so please go directly to Lukey. The deadline for orders is Friday 19th April.

Players are asked to wear their kit to arrive for interleague training and matches, but they are also welcome to wear this with pride at their club games, should they wish to do so.
I have attached the fixture list for all age groups as hopefully this will help with some planning. We will be charging £5 match fees to help cover costs of training programmes, equipment and other associated costs which I am sure you can appreciate. Any missing information will be sent out asap! If your club can assist with ground space for any of our home dates, please ask them to get in touch with me asap!

Further Communication
Last but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to our interleague coaches for this season. From now on, all communication will go through your age group coach. Your age groups coach will be in touch with those selected shortly to ask for availability and any other information they need to share.

U11s – Ian Davies – Norcross CC – Team Manager - 07846 853690
U12s ‐ Andy Stoker – Longridge CC – Team Manager - 07970 751171
U13s – Abi Bates – Leyland CC – Team Manager - 07879 473045
U13s – Adam Richardson – Longridge CC – Team Coach - 07939 686890
U14s – John McKeever – Leyland CC – Team Manager - Phone number not supplied
U14s – Steve Murphy – Tarleton CC – Team Coach - 07846 088048
U15s – Paul Douglas – Longridge CC – Team Manager - 07979 706209
U17s – David Hopkinson – NLPS – Team Manager -  07514 423627

I wish all our boys across the leagues the very best during this season. The talent we have on show is excellent and is down to our clubs working hard with our dedicated juniors. I look forward to seeing our players grow and develop over the season.
Kind Regards
Abi Bates
07879 473045




Monday, 08 April 2024 19:07


The Start of the Northern Premier League season has been postponed.

We have listened to clubs over the fitness of grounds and have taken this unprecedented step.

Match Day 1 fixtures (April 20th) will now be played on Sunday 2nd June.

Whilst moving fixtures to September was considered, other factors including overseas players was taken into account.

Saturday, 06 April 2024 14:07


A clear majority of the clubs have voted to move the fixtures from the first week of the season. 

Therefore, all the games in Premier to Div 6 will be cancelled on the weekend of 20th April.

The games for Premier DIvision to DIvision 5 will be moved to Sat 21st September. 

The games in Premier and Div 1A must be played on that date. 

In the other divisions, if any club has issues with that date, they need to negotiate with the other team to find an alternative.  We will try to help anyone struggling. 

For the games in Div 6, these are due to finish in mid-August before the second phase.  Therefore, we will need to look at those games and slot them in as appropriate.

For the Sunday competition, many clubs will struggle on the first weekend so the games can be moved to a suitable Sunday later in the season.  We will leave it to the clubs to sort those out.  It may be that some clubs want to move 2 or 3 games to later on which is fine as long as dates are free.  We would prefer at this stage if clubs used Sundays up to Sun 15th Sep and speak to us if there are any issues.

The second weekend is likely to have similar issues with getting grounds ready but we feel that the games on that weekend will have to go ahead as normal.  If any club has serious issues on that date, we would allow early postponement rather than waiting until the day of the game. 
However, we will give more information on that closer to the time.

We realise that this will not suit everyone but is a compromise position based on unprecedented rainfall in the past months.

Monday, 25 March 2024 17:44



I run cricket within the Civil Service Sports Council.

We are currently on the look out for players, Umpires,scorers and a coach for our Representative side for 2024.


Players must work for National government eg DWP,Revenue and Customs,Royal Mail etc or local government so local teachers,councils are eligible.

We have fixtures this year versus Army,Royal Air Force,Royal Navy for both Mens and Womens teams.

All fixtures take place mid week to avoid weekend club cricket.

Anybody interested should contact me via email

kind regards

Michael Mainon JP Hon Secretary Civil Service Cricket Association

Tuesday, 12 March 2024 17:33

This year we are pleased to let you know that we have more courses at more venues across the County than ever before.

Please see link for further details -

The LCF are again running a bursary scheme to reduce the costs. Further information can be found

More course’s will be released for the winter months in due course.

If you any questions, please get in touch.


Ian Shaw | Cricket Development Manager

Lancashire Cricket Foundation

Emirates Old Trafford, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PX

M:        07764922836

E:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Monday, 11 March 2024 14:58


At the Lancashire ACO (LACO) AGM which was held at Ribblesdale Wanderers CC last week our President John Smith was unanimously elected President of LACO as well. This wholly ceremonial role was previously held by Tommy Wilson who sadly passed away last year and prior to Tommy was held by ex Test umpire John Holder.


John was the sole recommendation for the post by the LACO Committee who referenced his long association with LACO as an umpire in both the Moore and Smalley Palace Shield and the Lancashire League, as well as his work both as a Trainer for LACO and as a former Chair of the organisation.


John organised much of the Training of new umpires for our competition over many years and more recently has been involved as an LACO Developer, observing umpires all over the county who apply for promotion on the Umpire Pathway.


His appointment has been welcomed on social media with one post referencing how highly he is regarded and respected in the north west cricket fraternity for his contribution and services.


Rob Hales

Chair LACO

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