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Transfers and New Registrations

When new Registrations and Transfers are processed by the Registration Secretary, we will aim to publicise those here

December 2022 - March 2023

James Bone - Euxton from Ormskirk (Liverpool Comp)
Iain Green - Fylde from Norcross
John Taylor - Walton Le Dale from Leyland
Nathan McDonnell - Eccleston from Leyland
Martyn Brierley - Eccleston from Penwortham
Jack Morgan - Euxton from Mawdesley
Hugo Croft - Garstang from Longridge
William Norris - Great Eccleston from Wrea Green
Shaun Parkinson - Walton Le Dale from Bretherton
Rob Millington - Eccleston from Churchtown (Southport and District)
Craig Walmsley - Netherfield (re-registering)
Aaron Chapman - Netherfield (Overseas Amateur)
Nathan Bend - Fleetwood from St Annes
Will Vause - Blackpool from Longridge
David Bath - Charnock St James from Tonge (NWCL)
Ashton Charles - Garstang from St Annes
Andy Drake - Fleetwood from St Annes
Rich Thomas - Fylde from Norcross
Harry Cousins - Walton Le Dale (Overseas Amateur) 
Oliver Kyle - Thornton Cleveleys (Overseas Amateur)
Thomas Le Lievre - Carnforth (Overseas Amateur)
Dylan Conroy - Carnforth from Westgate
Jack Collimore - Rufford (Overseas Amateur)
James Blaylock - Rufford (unattached)
Mark Cocker - Rufford (unattached)
Nathan Ewins - Rufford (unattached)
Darren Saint - Rufford (unattached)
Jakob Young Cassim - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Nisanth Nithian - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Michael Brown - Walton Le Dale from White Coppice
Usmaan Akram - Standish from White Coppice
James Parkinson - Carnforth from Milnthorpe (Westmorland League)
Emily Whelan - Tarleton from Churchtown (Southport and District)
Tina Bancroft  - Tarleton from Churchtown (Southport and District)
Max Harper - Euxton from Croston
Dave Gordon - Rufford (unattached)
Ian Caunce - Rufford from Mawdesley
Sanjay Nayee - Preston Royals 
Pritesh Nayi - Preston Royals
Rakesh Nayee - Preston Royals
Samit Nayi - Preston Royals
Rajdeep Maji - Preston Royals
Shyam Limbachia - Preston Royals
Nital Panchal - Preston Royals
Kamlesh Soni - Preston Royals
Rupesh Raj Gummadi - Preston Royals
Ajay Tadi - Preston Royals
Benjamin Suretkar - Preston Royals
Sandeep Duggina - Preston Royals
Nilesh Desai - Preston Royals
Viren Patel - Preston Royals
Anup Gupta - Preston Royals
Tailap Bhatt - Preston Royals
Dheeraj Dendi - Preston Royals
Nandhu Balakrishnan - Preston Royals (unattached)
Khadar Basha Shaik - Preston Royals (unattached)
Vineel Gutta - Preston Royals (unattached)
Rohan Meena - Preston Royals (unattached)
Blake Buttar-Scurr - Mawdesley (Overseas Amateur)
Adam Sexton - Leyland from Croston
Joe Barker - Euxton from Croston
Will Beeden - Netherfield from Penrith
Paul Busby - Tarleton from Lostock (NWCL) 
Tim Caslake - Rufford (unattached) 
Phil Caslake - Rufford (unattached) 
Mohammed Fazil - Great Eccleston (Overseas Amateur)
Ian Baldwin - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Sam Walton - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Prasanth Arasavilli - Preston Royals (unattached)
Anoop Francis - Preston Royals (unattached)
Sandeep Gorige - Preston Royals (unattached)
Ian Dickinson - Leyland from Croston
Reece Segers - Croston (Overseas Amateur) 
Harry Lowe - Fylde CC (unattached)
Evie Coleman - Fylde CC (unattached)
Chris Allan - Norcross from Earlestown (Southport and District)
Lewis Parry - Norcross from Thornton Cleveleys 
Jasmine Squires-Evan - Fylde (unattached)
Alex McCann - Walton Le Dale from Gregson Lane
Liam McCann - Walton Le Dale from Gregson Lane
Manaras Khan - Hoghton (unattached)
Sam Richardson - Standish (unattached)
Alex Davey - Croston from New Victoria (Southport and District)
Philip Leech - Croston (unattached)
Anthony Harper - Norcross from Fleetwood
Connor Goodier - Standish (unattached)
Tim Wilkinson-Hall - Longridge (unattached)
Jacob Proctor - Longridge from Garstang
Rizwan Ali - Preston (unattached)
Zakirhusen Momla - BAC/EE from Hoghton
Nizam Patel - Croston from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Lewis Garstang - Longridge from Clitheroe (Lancashire League)
Sajid Nalbandh - Preston from Torrisholme
Charlie Fogden - Longridge (unattached) 
Gabriel Dowthwaite - Longridge from Vernon Carus
Neel Sonwalkar - Garstang from Leyland
Rizwan Patel - Fleetwood from Garstang
Steven Fisher - Netherfield from Lancaster
Zach Procter - Longridge from Fulwood & Broughton
Nathan Redman - Longridge (unattached)
Shahdab Iqbal Raja - Standish (unattached)
Mahesh Muralidharan - Preston Royals (unattached)
Saifullah Habibzay - Lancaster (unattached)
Irfan Qayyum - Lancaster from Morecambe
Jared Maunder - Gartstang (Overseas Amateur)
Mohammed Abobaker - Preston Royals (unattached)
Rupal Chauhan - Preston Royals (unattached)
Harvey Fitton - Lancaster from Norden (Lancashire League)
Joseph Bradshaw - Lancaster (unattached)
James Dunkerley - Norcross from Fleetwood
Harry Lee - Netherfield from Kendal
Aditya Mathur - Garstang from Fulwood & Broughton
Safyan Ahmed - Lancaster from Nelson (Lancashire League)
Tousif Patel - New Longton from Hoghton
Bryson Little - Morecambe from Torrisholme
Erasmus Pretorius - Barrow (Overseas Amateur)
Hakeem Perryman - Euxton (Overseas Amateur)
Antonio Providence - Leyland (Overseas Amateur)
Luke Wahlstedt - Wrea Green (Overseas Amateur)
Toby Johnston - Chorley from Whittle & Clayton le Woods
Hamza Tahir - Charnock St James (unattached) 
Naqib Rahman - Preston from Garstang
Manoj Pilli - Preston from Norcross
Vijay Sirangu - Preston from Norcross
Durga Pinisetti - Preston (unattached)
Rahman Amanullah - Preston (unattached)
Andreas Arestidou - Westgate 
Isaac Jones - Longridge (unattached)
Jason Walton - Fylde (unattached)
Toby Cunningham - Fylde (Overseas Amateur)
Safvan Munshi - Preston (unattached)
Matt Dawson - Chorley from Wigan (Liverpool Comp)

April 2023

Gregour Carr - Garstang from Withnell Fold
Zakariya Sajid - BAC/EE (unattached)
Harley Harris - Fylde (unattached) 
Usman Sadaqat - Preston from Fulwood & Broughton
Fawad Roudwall - Charnock St James from Fulwood & Broughton
James Davies - Westgate
Naseem Zaman - Hoghton (unattached)
Fahim Sheth - Hoghton (unattached)
Nick Fowler - Eccleston from Withnell Fold
Joshua Pistorius - Chorley from Geddinton (Northamptonshire Cricket League)
Anthony Churchill - Thornton Cleveleys from Fylde
Liz Pace - Penwortham (unattached)
Emma McGrath - Penwortham (unattached)
Natalie Coffey - Penwortham (unattached)
Harbir Singh - Standish (unattached) 
Kulvir Singh - Standish (unattached) 
Kapil Dutta - Standish (unattached) 
Ayyazahmed Patel - Walton Le Dale from Preston
Joe Thomson - Thornton Cleveleys from Fleetwood
Louie Trayers - Longridge (unattached)
Ryan Hogarth - Lytham from Standish
Vishal Bhimjiyani - BAC/EE (Overseas Amateur)
Manzoor Siddique - Hoghton (unattached)
Brayden Clarke - Vernon Carus (Overseas Amateur)
Xavier Bateman - Penwortham (Overseas Amateur)
Tom Edge - Penwortham (unattached)
Yogesh Hatage - Norcross from Grimsargh
Edward Walker - Grimsargh (unattached)
Andy Lea - Grimsargh (unattached)
Robert Sanderson - Grimsargh (unattached)
Ravinder Reddy Alluri - Grimsargh (unattached)
Adeel Ahmad - Hoghton (unattached)
Emma Cartwright-Terry - Longridge (unattached)
Abhishek Sumbad - Wrea Green (unattached)
Haren Shetty - Grimsargh (Overseas Amateur)
Talhah Qureshi - BAC/EE (unattached)
Veer Solanki - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Thomas Fraser - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Aadit Arora - Garstang from Fulwood & Broughton
Joel Ashton - Wrea Green (unattached)
Soeb Buchiya - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Taylor Backhouse - Netherfield from Morecambe
Thayne Nel - Lancaster (Overseas Amateur)
Veronica Stanley - Penwortham (unattached)
Niroop Nagaraju - Penwortham (unattached)
Ahmad Umar Mota-Bobat - Fulwood & Broughton from Penwortham
Katie Poole - Mawdesley (unattached)
Will Caunce - Mawdesley (unattached)
Asif Nadeem - Preston (unattached)
Rohaan Hussain - Longridge (unattached)
Harry Weaver - Mawdesley (unattached)
Theo Taylor - Mawdesley (unattached)
Patrick Humphreys - Mawdesley (unattached)
Tashfeen Shah - South Shore (unattached)
Ben McCabe - Wyre (unattached)
James Mitchell - Great Eccleston (unattached)
James Ingle - Fleetwood (unattached)
Huw Fraser - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Freddy Nichol - Lytham (unattached)
Liam Pitt - Chorley from Lintz CC (Northumberland and Tyneside Cricket League)
Izatullah Stankzai - Blackpool (unattached)
David Wood - Standish from Wigan (Liverpool Comp)
Rob Gleave - Wyre (unattached)
Tanzeel Rehman - Blackpool (unattached)
Jon Dunn - Blackpool (unattached)
Andrew Privett - Leyland (unattached)
Paul Smalley - Leyland (unattached)
Jessica Hobro - Longridge (unattached)
Lauren Perkin - Longridge (unattached)
Claire Platt - Longridge (unattached)
Laura Else - Longridge (unattached)
Matthew Trevalyan - Longridge (unattached)
Irfan Asjad - Vernon Carus (unattached)
John Paul - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Michael Wood - Lancaster from Norcross
Faruk Secretary - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Tahir Khokhar - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Damian Nicholls - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Ian Billington - Grimsargh (unattached)
Harry Nicholson - Barrow from Furness (Cumbria League)
Ryan Worthington - Fulwood & Broughton
Zeshan Ul-Haq - Norcross from Blackpool
Luke Charnley - Eccleston from Charnock St James
Jordan Mclaughlin - Wrea Green (unattached)
Laura Wallace - Penwortham (unattached)
Paul Jackson - Gregson Lane (unattached)
William Davies - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Faizan Hotelwala - Whittingham & Goosnargh from Hoghton
Husein Yusuf - Whittingham & Goosnargh from BAC/EE
Zuber Palejwala - Walton Le Dale (unattached)
Andrew Brooks - Whittle & Clayton (unattached)
Robert Shaw - Whittle & Clayton from Gregson Lane
Jamie Hutchinson - Hoghton (unattached)
Charlie Williams - Preston from Kendal
Arsalan Aseem - Netherfield from Torrisholme
Aritra Das - Lancaster (unattached)
Daniel Ikin - Leyland (unattached)
Salman Penter - Preston (unattached)
Saikrishna Deshpande - Preston (unattached)
Syed Alvi - Preston (unattached)
Muhammad Ahmed Younus - Preston (unattached)
Shehzad Bhaiyat - Preston (unattached)
Megha Raju Durishetti - Preston (unattached)
Meera Patel - Preston (unattached)
Megha Raju Durishetti - Preston (unattached)
Hannah Jeffrey - Longridge (unattached)
David Humphries - Mawdesley (unattached)
Patrick Humphries - Mawdesley (unattached)
Jaccob Sainsbury - Lytham from Blackpool
Liam Munton - Thornton Cleveleys from Norcross
Tom Myerscough - Lytham from Blackpool
Neil Guyton - Chorley (unattached)
Zachary Hutchinson - Fleetwood (unattached)
Kushan Mirando - Fylde (unattached)
Tom Parkinson - Lytham from Kirkham & Wesham
Henry McIlwham - Lytham (unattached)
Jordan Taylor - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Peter McCluskie - Wyre (unattached)
Joe Blackburn - Wyre (unattached)
Zack Graham - Wrea Green (unattached)
Jonathan Bridges - Norcross (unattached)
Lee Coker - Norcross from Earlstown (Southport & District League)
Bilal Gurjee - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Ismail Patel - Whittingham & Goosnargh from Grimsargh
Naeem Master - Hoghton (unattached)
Sebastien Hailwood - Bretherton (unattached)
Charles Bray - Lytham from Fulwood & Broughton
Rushil Das - Preston (unattached)
Dhyana Patel - Preston (unattached)
Abdul Azam - Preston (unattached)
Marcus Webster - Wyre from Fylde
George Yapp - New Longton (unattached)
Gabriel Sardais - New Longton (unattached)
Thomas Chapman - Wrea Green (unattached)
Matthew Lowe - Darwen
Charlie Eastwood - Darwen
Daniel Hubbard - Darwen
Archie Fitzgerald - Darwen
Joe Seager - Penwortham (unattached)
Purushoth Ananthakumar - South Shore (unattached)
Rian Sanjai - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Josh Craig - Lytham (unattached)
Sohel Master - Norcross from BAC/EE
Shaun Heron - Torrisholme (unattached)
Suleyman Shah - Lancaster (unattached)
Adam Goulden - Chorley (unattached)
Hasseb Sultan - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Azel-Avez Shahid - Hoghton (unattached)
Jamie Hutchinson - Hoghton (unattached)
Luca Mihell - Fylde from Thornton Cleveleys

May 2023

Charlie Smith - Leyland from Hoghton
Charlie Muir - Tarleton (unattached)
Mohammed Aslam - BAC/EE (unattached)
Muddasar Riaz - South Shore (unattached)
Liam Simm - Darwen
Louis Woods - Darwen
Sakander Mahmood - Darwen
Adnan Khan - Darwen
Sam Yates - Hoghton (unattached)
Ryan Shuttleworth - Fylde (unattached)
Mohammed Hussnain Khaliq - BAC/EE (unattached)
Muhammad Ehsin Rauf - BAC/EE (unattached)
Muhammad Mohsin Rauf - BAC/EE (unattached)
Seth Cooper - Bretherton from Penwortham
Justin Johnston - Chorley from Whittle & Clayton
Christopher McKinnon - Mawdesley
Phil Thornton - Fulwood & Broughton from Morecambe
Abdul Hafezi - Darwen (unattached)
David Hannigan - Westgate
Alfie Tostevin - Westgate
George Marshall - Morecambe (unattached)
Oliver Lombard - Vernon Carus from Euxton
Jacob Dove - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Craig Brown - Morecambe from Blackpool
Ryan Gallagher - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Jack Hill - Bretherton (unattached)
Sam Conron - Bretherton (unattached)
Rafe Menzies - Eccleston (unattached)
Hamza Arif Yasmin - BAC/EE (unattached)
Aiden Cotton - St Annes (unattached)
Salman Bhopa - Preston (unattached)
Joseph Glew - Bretheton from Croston
Emily Hadfield - Bretherton from New Longton
Jack Coupe - Mawdesley (unattached)
Umais Ahmed - BAC/EE (unattached)
Andrew Turner - Longridge (unattached)
Sophia Turner - Longridge from Read (NWCL)
Zain Sabir - Fulwood & Broughton from Vernon Carus
Buster Bell Carr - Garstang (unattached)
Ewan Cheetham - Croston from Mawdesley
Azhar Chappalwala - Blackpool (unattached)
Salman Choglay - Hoghton (unattached)
Luke Pearson - Garstang from Morecambe
Oliver Raynor - Wyre (unattached)
John Slater - Wrea Green (unattached)
Shahejas Mahmood - BAC/EE (unattached)
Rhys Rider - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Rory Parker - Mawdesley from Croston
Altaf Patel - Whittle & Clayton from Gregson Lane
Matthew Jameson - Whittle & Clayton (unattached)
Tom Ives - Longridge (unattached)
Alistair Mews - Thornton Cleveleys from Fulwood & Broughton
Rayyan Musa - Penwortham (unattached)
Stuart Bowdler - Penwortham (unattached)
Mohammad Bilal - BAC/EE (unattached)
Sohel Master - BAC/EE from Norcross
Chris Scott - White Coppice from Withnell Fold
Antony Stafford - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Sam Judge - New Longton (for Senior Cricket)
Jamie Cassidy - Heysham
Shaun Wyse - Heysham
Riley Wilson - Heysham
Phil Bovis - Heysham
Freddie Parker - Heysham
Nasib Rahman - Preston from Fulwood & Broughton
Alexander Proctor - Barrow
Jonah Lowes - Barrow
Peter Birtles - Barrow
Joe Thomson - Fleetwood from Thornton Cleveleys
Reuben Mahon - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Luke Pilkington - Walton Le Dale from White Coppice
Paul Woodend - White Coppice from Atherton (NWCL) 
Oliver Bradley - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
John McKeever - Leyland (unattached)
David Whiteley - Mawdesley from Orrell Red Triangle (Liv Comp)
Imran Mota - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Rob Dingle - Thornton Cleveleys from Fulwood & Broughton
Tahir Khokhar - New Longton from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Jake Bowman - Burneside 
Gary Auld - Burneside 
Samantha Jackson - New Longton (unattached)
Lucas Hodgson - Rufford (unattached)
Fahim Sheth - Gregson Lane from Hoghton
Abdul Patel - Whittle & Clayton from Gregson Lane
Irfan Dudhara - Preston from Great Eccleston
Cody Bridge - Lytham from Wrea Green
Rajesh Cletus - Torrisholme (unattached)
Ally Haase - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Esme Booth - Longridge (unattached)
Anilkumar Karanam - Ingol with Freckleton (unattached)
Rushil Das - Fulwood & Broughton from Preston
Josh Bennett - Blackpool (unattached)
Dylan Jackson - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Mohammed Qureshi - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Helen Ellis - Garstang (unattached)
Jessica Squires - Garstang (unattached)
Charlotte Squires - Garstang (unattached)
Christopher Openshaw - Norcross from Fleetwood
David Allan - Norcross (unattached)
Paul Rigby - Morecambe from Torrisholme
Lewis Nelson - Grimsargh (unattached)
Joseph Fisher - Bretherton (unattached)
Aamir Patel - Whittingham & Goosnargh from Great Eccleston
Waqas Mahmood - BAC/EE (unattached)
Daniel Albon - Torrisholme (unattached)
Shoaib Ahmed - Darwen (unattached)
Rizwan Munir - Darwen (unattached)
Azher Kiyani - Darwen (unattached)
Asad Ali - Darwen (unattached)
Hasan Riaz - Darwen (unattached)
Jason Beig - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Tom Hodgkins - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Muhammad Patel - Lancaster (unattached)
Irfan Patel - Hoghton (unattached)
Asim Kabuli - Grimsargh (unattached)
Grace Lee - Chorley (unattached)
Alfie Emmett - Longridge
Jamie Proudlove - Fulwood & Broughton
Salman Makkan - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Leo Lins - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Sumeda Bandara - Blackpool (unattached)
Aislynn Rogers - St Annes (unattached)
Scott Holt - St Annes (unattached)
Brendan Holt - St Annes (unattached)
Munaf Dalvi - Hoghton (unattached)
Neil Whiteman - Norcross (unattached)
Abdul Mansoor - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Jamie Thoburn - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Ahsan Hassan - Tarleton (unattached)
Sheldon Atherton - Darwen (unattached)
Paul Bywater - Wyre (unattached)
Mark Jefferies - Penworthan from New Longton
Robert Nuttall - Ingol with Freckleton from Walton Le Dale
Luke Pearson - Morecambe from Garstang
Farook Mohammad - Chorley (unattached)
Anna Berry - Bretherton (unattached)
Ethan Jayne - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Mohammad Khan - Euxton (unattached)
Zakkee Master - BAC/EE from Charnock St James
Connor Jamieson - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Jonathan Livesey - Lytham (unattached)

June 2023

Abdul Razak - Hoghton (unattached)
Ijaz Manjra - Hoghton (unattached)
Azhar Khan - Hoghton (unattached)
Freddie Palmer-Davies - Penwortham from New Longton
Muhammad Khaliq - South Shore (unattached)
John Haddow - Garstang from Thornton Cleveleys
Ikram Wadiwala - Chorley from Tarleton
Burhan Khan - Preston (unattached)
Imran Patel - Whittle & Clayton from Hoghton
Alice Hollinghurst - Longridge (unattached)
Ben Green - Wrea Green (unattached)
Harry Hutchinson - New Longton (unattached)
Arun Thimmiah - Barrow (unattached)
Jonathan Lowes - Barrow
Marcus Barretto - White Coppice (unattached)
Ilyas Mal - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Jonathan Matthews - Sedgwick
Oliver Sanday - Sedgwick
Edward Galloway - Sedgwick
Tom Willacy - Sedgwick
Richard Hanson - Sedgwick
Ali Howell - Sedgwick
Will Richards - Sedgwick
Cam Hankey - Sedgwick
Adam Kershaw - Sedgwick
Ben Harvey - Sedgwick
Lee Tattersall - Sedgwick
Charlie Smith - Gregson Lane from Leyland
Solomon Naylor - Darwen (unattached)
Ameen Adam - Preston (unattached)
Usama Abrar - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Nirav Thakkar - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Alex Carne-Ross - Walton Le Dale (unattached)
Reuben Fry - Fleetwood (unattached)
Manusha Praveen - Blackpool (unattached)
Marcus Palamountain - Westgate 
Vinoth Nagarajan - Morecambe (unattached)
Sid Urry - Burneside (unattached)
Harry Thornton - Lytham
Sarfaraz Patel - BAC/EE from Great Eccleston
Sunny John - Chorley (Overseas Amateur)
Anthony Providence - Fulwood & Broughton (Overseas Amateur)
Omar Taqir - Thornton Cleveleys (unattached)
David Wilding - Walton Le Dale from Ingol with Freckleton
Calum Barlow - White Coppice from Atherton (NWCL)
Lucas Gorman  -Withnell Fold (unattached)
Swapnil Wagle - Wrea Green from Goodlass (Liv Comp)
Yunis Sumra - Hoghton (unattached)
Yasir Hussain - Darwen from South Shore
Oliver Dodd - South Shore (unattached)
Liam English - Grimsargh (unattached)
Isaac Blackburn - Darwen (unattached)
Rangika Pinnala Don - Westgate (unattached)
Raphael Ashton - Lancaster (unattached)
William Forrester - Mawdesley (unattached)
Callum Robinson - Grimsargh from Mexborough Athletic (Yorkshire Cricket South PL)
Usmaan Akram - White Coppice from Standish
Malakye Brooks - Lancaster (unattached)
Caitlin Ball - Longridge from Garstang
Kuhoan Selosh Mirando - Fylde from Norcross
Soeb Chand - Charnock St James (unattached)
Awais Khan - New Longton (unattached)
Steven Archer - Charnock St James (unattached)
Ilyas Patel - Charnock St James from BAC/EE
Owen Williams - Grimsargh from Thornton Cleveleys
Nick Dunn - Euxton from Chorley
Walli Ahmed - Hoghton (unattached)
Zoheb Patel - Hoghton (unattached)
Izran Patel - Hoghton (unattached)
Azhar Achchhu - Hoghton (unattached)
Eldho Abraham - Charnock St James (unattached)
Will Reader - Fleetwood from Thornton Cleveleys
Jeremy Altin - South Shore (unattached)
Edward Shakespeare - South Shore (unattached)
Venkata Sai Garike - Ingol with Freckleton (unattached)
Leo Regan-White - Torrisholme (unattached)
Toby Purkis - Euxton (unattached)
Lewis Spurr - Carnforth 
Tariq Hassan - Withnell Fold from Tarleton
Jack Tite - New Longton
Simon Musson - South Shore (unattached)
Thomas Crawford - Standish (unattached)
Naveed Iqbal - Preston (unattached)
Lewis Fensome - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Hammad Usmani - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Sai Mohith Brahmadevara - Preston Royals (unattached)
Zuber Palejwala - New Longton from Walton Le Dale
Aidan Hartin - Torrisholme (unattached)
Kurt Sabela  - Lytham (Overseas Amateur)
George Squires - Lytham (unattached)
Mark Jefferies - New Longton from Penwortham
Rory Short - Lancaster (unattached)
Adam Shaikh - South Shore (unattached)
Musawer Khuram - Garstang from Walton Le Dale
George Millward - Wrea Green (unattached)
Ashiq Samya Adrama - BAC/EE (unattached)
James Bamford - Wyre
Greg Dunn - Blackpool (unattached)
Alex McCaskill - Blackpool (unattached)
Joel McKevitt - Blackpool (unattached)
Andrew Moffatt - Chorley (unattached)

July 2023

Elliot Hewison - Lancaster
James Metcalfe - Lancaster
James Mciver - Whittle & Clayton from Walton Le Dale
William Lavelle-Bowden - Penwortham from Hoghton
Jamie Bromley - Croston (unattached)
Oliver Bromley - Croston (unattached)
James Ball - Mawdesley (unattached)
Arthur Burns-Cox - Barrow (unattached)
Ollie Illingworth - Barrow (unattached)
Cooper Clarke-Dehring - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Jack Carter - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Joshua Morgan - Vernon Carus (Unattached)
Will Higham - Leyland (unattached)
Mohammed Saeed Akhtar - South Shore (unattached)
Hameer Akhtar - South Shore (unattached)
James Roach - Croston (unattached)
Vinoth Sivakumar - Ingol with Freckleton (unattached)
Oliver Jefferies - New Longton
Mahroz Mohal - Ingol with Freckleton (unattached)
Neil Adair - Whittle & Clayton (unattached)
Kaduji Raihan - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Shakir Patel - Charnock St James (unattached)
David Parker - Charnock St James (unattached)
Richard Fish - Leyland (unattached)
Adam Slater - Leyland
Kurt Hilton - Whittle & Clayton from Walton Le Dale
Christian Hancox - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Imran Valli Adam - Charnock St James (unattached)
Francis Bowers-Richards - Netherfield
Subash Kumar Yadav - Preston (Overseas Amateur)
Salman Laheri - Preston (unattached)
Dhruv Soni - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Jack Goodwin - New Longton (unattached)
Josh Mills - Fleetwood (unattached)
James Gregson - Longridge from Fleetwood
Joshua Lund - Kirkham & Wesham (unattached)
Hayder Azam - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Nirvarn Pinagapany - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Matthew Parkinson - Chorley from Orrell Red Triangle (Liv Comp)
Adam Dixon - Lytham (unattached)
Max Craigie Scott - New Longton (unattached)
Hashim Khan - BAC/EE (unattached)
Luke Billington - New Longton from Penwortham
Nadeem Memon - Grimargh (unattached)
Santa Masila - Grimargh (unattached)
Jamshed Riaz - Charnock St James (unattached)
Ibrahim Motala - Hoghton (unattached)
Matthew Holland - South Shore (unattached)
Luke Fitzgerald - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Jack Wilkinson - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Joseph Spears-Smith - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Philip Allan - St Annes (unattached)
Mark Bennett - Blackpool (unattached)
Nathan Pope - Wyre (unattached)
Isaac Marsden - Withnell Fold (unattached)
Liam Davies - Lancaster (unattached)
Chantelle Daniels-Wright - Penwortham (unattached)
Isobel Moss - Penwortham (unattached)
Jonathon Moorhouse - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Hannah Crawley - Longridge (unattached)
Samuel Peel - Blackpool (unattached)
Joel Ross - Blackpool (unattached)
Ryan Tanner - Blackpool (unattached)
Hamzah Patel - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Huzaifa Mohammed - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Conor Hopcroft - Ingol with Freckleton from Lytham
Joseph Whiteley - Mawdesley from Orrell Red Triangle (Liverpool Comp)
Raihan Kaduji - Preston (unattached)

Aug 2023

Harsh Jaiswal - Penwortham (unattached)
Sohaib Naseer - Darwen (unattached)
Muhammad Khalil - Darwen (unattached)
Paul Richardson - Torrisholme (unattached)
Arnipalli Raviteja - Ingol with Freckleton (unattached)
George Jolliffe - Lytham from Great Eccleston
Sarfaraz Patel - Preston from BAC/EE
Tim Fisher - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Jackson McGann - Great Eccleston (unattached)
Farhan Choglay - Hoghton (unattached)
Jon Savage - Torrisholme (unattached)
Rebecca Duckworth - Penwortham from St Annes
Usman Gani - BAC/EE (unattached)
Michael Jones - Lancaster (unattached)
Jodie Stephenson - Fleetwood (unattached)
Humaira Sohail - Fleetwood (unattached)
Ewan Cheetham - Mawdesley from Croston
Arjun Nijjer - Hoghton (unattached)
Kashif Saleem - Preston (unattached)
Adam Weafer - Wrea Green (unattached)
Mark Maconnachie - St Annes (unattached)
James Young - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Manav Gandhi - Garstang from Fulwood & Broughton
Luke Davidson - Barrow (unattached)
Reyno Nel - Whittle & Clayton (unattached)
Sheth Fahim - Whittingham & Goosnargh (unattached)
Ahmed Rashid - Vernon Carus (unattached)
Lee Stones - Whittle & Clayton (unattached)
Habib Rehman - Darwen (unattached)
Minhaz Patel - Charnock St James (unattached)
Mark Hunting - Fleetwood (unattached)
Abdul Patel - Withnell Fold from Whittle & Clayton
Sam Waine - Wrea Green (unattached)
Suraj Gavarasana - Ingol with Freckleton from Penwortham
James Carroll - Ingol with Freckleton (unattached)
Jon Caunce - Mawdesley (unattached)
Adam Kelly - Walton Le Dale (unattached)
Joshua Fardy - Chorley (unattached)
Joe Bowker - Torrisholme (unattached)
Ben Atkinson - Torrisholme (unattached)
Charles Tisdall - Torrisholme (unattached)
Liam White - Blackpool (unattached)
Luke Morris - Blackpool (unattached)
Ajmal Ghafoor - Standish (unattached)
Siddiq Mohammed - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Binyamin Mohammed - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Hashim Siddique - BAC/EE (unattached)
Benjamin Lester - Grimsargh (unattached)
Edward Fraser - Fulwood & Broughton (unattached)
Andy Armstrong - Blackpool (unattached)
Paul Mullane - Blackpool (unattached)
Daniel Ireland - Mawdesley (unattached)
Kevin Tupman - Fylde (unattached)
Jack Marshall  - Darwen (unattached)








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